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But their numbers rapidly decreased when otter hunting was banned in 1978.Experts fear the hounds could be extinct within ten years but Miss Lerego, a former Crufts best of breed champion, is fighting back with her one-man breeding programme.
Paul Keevil, of the Kennel Club’s vulnerable native breeds committee, said people had been put off from owning them because of their sheer size.‘They are not for novice dog owners because they are not the easiest dogs to train,’ he said. NEVER send money to someone for a pet using Western Union or Money Gram, as your money cannot be traced once sent. Buying a puppy or kitten in good health is vital for its own well-being as well as your bank balance. Just 20 British Otterhounds were born in the UK during the whole of last year so the arrival of the pups - born into two litters to owner Maria Lerego in Ledbury, Herefordshire, - has provided a vital lifeline to the dying breed. NEVER pay for a KC registered dog or pedigree cat if they dont have the certificates as you may never receive them.
There are less than 1,000 Otterhounds left in the world and about 300 of those are in Britain.
We now have as many as we did in the whole of the last year for the country.’Miss Lerego is watching the puppies around the clock because they are so young their mother can easily roll over and squash them.

They are not suitable dogs for people who live in apartments because they do need to be able to run around a garden as well as having regular daily walks.
However, back gardens need to have very secure fencing because Otterhounds are great escape artists. Otterhounds boast a long life span for a big dog and if well cared for can live anything up to 15 or 16 years, although in general they live between 10 to 13 years.HistoryThe history of the Otterhound has been traced way back to the 12th century although much of it is unknown.
They need to have regular check ups at the vet not only for their booster shots but as they get older to check they are in good health. If well exercised and cared for, Otterhounds live to ripe old ages and are a real joy to be around. In times long past, otters caused a lot of havoc with fish stocks in rivers throughout Britain and Otterhounds were used to keep the number of otters under control. Otterhounds are able to swim great distances without any trouble whatsoever and when hunting could take on otters weighing 35 lbs.AppearanceOtterhounds are lovely looking dogs with shaggy coats which are normally sandy, black and tan or a little grizzly in colour.
The black and tan colours are very clearly defined which gives Otterhounds a distinctly smart look.

Otterhounds are scruffy looking but proud at the same time, holding their tails high and straight. However, they are not the best choice for first time dog owners because they can be a little hard to train due to the fact their really do have a mind of their own.
The one thing Otterhounds love is to be around other dogs because they are real “pack” animals. There are some conditions which they are prone to get, although most Otterhounds will live to a ripe old age never showing any signs of the conditions.

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