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I love my Gator Mouth, Tiger Striped, Diamond Back, Scorpion Tail, Dragon Breath, Lizard Claw, Silver Back, Fat dogs. There are still some OFRN breeders and groups around, but for the most part, as far as marketability, new school Bullies have surpassed anything that Old School dogs could have ever dreamed of.
If you are in the market for the true old school OFRN Bully, any of the lines mentioned above will be excellent family dogs with proper handling.
I don't actively hunt with my dogs but I do live in the country and I've seen what happens whn they meet certain wildlife.

Bellons club dogs seemed to have the recessive for blue and I don't forsee them having any mix, so your opinion on original pitbull colors has no validity. Blue is a dilute of black simple as that, and if you see dog's in color then your probably not in need of a game dog and should stick with what you have. In the same light, the internet age has brought to awareness the plight of the fighting Pitbull. Even this article mainly deals with OFRN dogs, do remember other historic working lines such as Bolio, Colby, Bordeaux, Jeep, Garner, Eli, Carver and Mason, for it is only with the knowledge of these ancestral breeds can we better understand our present and future ones.

Article "Power Training for the Canine Athlete" written by Bob Stevens and published in the Fall 2014 Edition of the APBT Gazette (Volume 39 Issue 1) from the American Dog Breeder's Association. And i need your help!!So XL Family can you give me some advice on some "real pitbulls" that are big, when i say big i dont mean MASSTIFF size..

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