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We have taken her to two vets and they have done all the tests possible, xrays, you name it. He will eventually learn that you can't be conned into spoiling him with the people food.
Feeding a dog nothing but people food will cause his system to not work properly over time. If you want to feel like you are giving him special people food treats, there are many online sites which have recipes for homemade doggy treats that you can make for him.
Since we feed dry food, I decided to try a bit of low sodium, low fat canned chicken broth drizzled over his food. Whenever I need to open a new can, I pour the broth into a squeeze bottle and keep it in the fridge, then squeeze out just a bit over the dry food in each feeding dish at mealtime.

So simple!We discovered this little trick also keeps our other rescue dog from choking on her food from eating too fast. Now we have two very happy little dogs, and it's not an expensive fix at all.I hope your little one perks up soon! She grieved intensely for her lost son (she was 12 and the son was 6 and died from a respiratory problem). You have to realize the dog is grieving just as you would if you lost a close family member. Oh, also through this time I also gave her a doggy multi-vitamin daily too just to make sure she was getting the vitamins she needed while she wasn't eating enough. He likes to eat human food like chapathi (flat bread) and Pedigree, but for the last month he is not eating anything.

I had to do that when one of my dogs had skin allergies so bad he was losing weight and hair. When my mini Schnauzer had a very painful surgery a few years ago, she did this not long after I had gotten her home. I called my vet and he said that that is the way they behave when they are in pain (he had given her pain meds before she left the office but it must have worn off).

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