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In a study that included information from nearly 1,500 pet owners with dogs that had been seen eating feces daily or weekly at least 10 times. About 10% of the dogs ate only their own stool, whereas 32% ate the feces of others, and nearly half of all dogs who ate feces didn’t care who it belonged to. The behavior does not reflect poor den sanitation: 82% of dogs in the survey almost never soiled their own house. Some dogs only eat their own poop, other dogs love eating cat poop, and some special connoisseurs only enjoy grass-flavored treats, especially from horses and goats. However, for reasons of cleanliness and health (intestinal parasites), it is generally a good idea to stop your dog from eating poop.
Why Do Dogs Eat PoopThe most common reason for dogs to eat poop from other animals, is simply because they enjoy the taste.
Different dogs will have different anxieties, fears and stress triggers that may result in stool eating. If dogs are left alone all day, with very little human contact and very little to do, their only choice for self-entertainment may be to play with and eat their own poop. Harsh potty training techniques may cause some dogs or puppies to eat their own poop, in an effort to appease us, or to avoid painful punishment. This will keep a dog's digestive system healthy, and provide him with all the nutrients that his body needs. Make sure the kibble has good protein sources that are from meat, rather than from grains, which are more difficult for our dogs to digest. Play fun games with your dog, walk him regularly, and do frequent obedience training sessions.
If there is no free poop lying about then our dog cannot engage in opportunistic stool eating.
One of the most common ways to stop stool eating, is to make the poop taste bad to our dogs. Pinkchic18 2 years ago from Minnesota Our pup eats her poop and we're working on the 'leave it' command. Marilyn 3 years ago I have just noticed in the last couple of days that my new Maltese puppy, Lily, is eating her poop.
Melissa 3 years ago My dog (3 year old Daschund) doesn't eat her poo, she eats the cat's poo. Cindy 3 years ago My Shi-poo is about 5 months old and continuing to sneak and eat her poop.
Elray 3 years ago I have a 3 month old Siberian Husky and she recently started to eat her own poop. Lorie 3 years ago MI just took away a piece of poop from my 6 year old Siberian Husky, and she went right over and got another one.
KC 3 years ago KC is a 1 year old akita chow mix and she constantly eats the poop of my 7 year old rottwieler I have tried almost everything to get her to stop. Ryan 3 years ago My dog loves to eat poop at the dog park and he knows he's not supposed to eat them but he's mischievous. Raquel 4 years ago My dog has been eating his own feces since I got him about 5yrs ago. Your dog might be eating cat poop or other animal poop to get key nutrients and minerals not available in his own food.

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For example, dogs with extreme separation anxiety may poop, and then eat their own poop when left alone. Everything is new to a puppy so he may want to explore and manipulate all that he sees with his mouth, including animal droppings.
Some dogs may also see us cleaning up their poop in the house (den), and try to mimic that behavior. A well-exercised dog is better behaved at home, and less likely to eat poop out of boredom.
Some people suggest adding stool deterrent supplements, pumpkin, pineapple, or meat tenderizer to the dog's food. In addition, it only targets the symptoms of poop eating, rather than addressing the issue at its source. Dogs go bad because of miscommunication between owner and dog, not because of meaness or spite.
I have a 10 year old Labrador that has started to eat dog poo when out on walks, He has never done this before! She has eaten a variety of top quality kibble her whole life (Innova, Wellness,Natures Variety, and now a human grade brand called Life's Abundance).Every now and then, she gets wet food added for more variety, and even has had Missing Link added and doggietrace minerals, too, in attempts to stop the poop eating. She gulps her food, not chewing, even large dog kibble, and she has never left one spec of food when fed. It is probably easiest to move the litter box to some place that the puppy can't get to.As for the dog poop, what helped with my dogs was to keep everyone on a very fixed eating schedule.
She is well fed everyday and when I tell her not to eat her own poop, she keeps doing it anyway.
Perhaps have a chat with the vet and see what they say.Also consider taking him to see a professional trainer who can perhaps identify whether the poop eating behavior is a result of stress or something else. Usually, I end the fun walk or they lose their backyard privileges.It this way, they learn that they get more good stuff if they leave poop alone. Probably more because he doesn't want to lay in it.I would consider using potty pads, especially during bad weather. Letting them know that eating poop is an undesirable behavior by taking away one of their privileges, e.g.
This is most likely if your dog is confined to a crate or kennel, or when he's chained up or otherwise restricted. This can happen when dog food is low quality and includes materials that are easily passed and not absorbed by your dog. Many dog owners get very upset when their dog eats poop, which means the dog gets attention. Your dog might be more submissive than other dogs, resulting in strange poop eating behavior. If you only feed your dog once per day, and your dog eats poop, it could be an indication they want to eat more frequently. It is best to train a puppy not to engage in stool eating as early as possible, so that it does not become a habit when he grows up. This is why many trainers suggest that we do not clean up potty mistakes in front of our dogs.

This results in a better quality of life for everyone, and will stop stool eating behavior that results from stress. This was a month ago, and Kocco is now 6 months, he eats he's poop and my other daschshund poop. She is a great dog, but there is nothing worse that her breath after she has had a little snack :( We have started to feed her chopped pineapple with her meal, which I don't think she likes very much, but I have to say i think it is working in general. It could be that there is something in the other food that he really wants.Several things that may help-1.
The cold and rain may cause joint discomfort, which may be why he does not want to go out.One thing that may help is to try training him to go on potty pads when you are around to supervise. Your dog observes you and learns from you, by putting the poop in his mouth you put poop in a bag. This is a wonderful opportunity for your dog to interact with you, although it is because of negative attention. This seems to occur more in households with multiple dogs where dominance and submission is a factor. Then if he tries to eat the poop on the pads, we can non-mark (No or Ack-ack), and get him to do something else. Then I just bag it up right there.During walks though, there will always be poop about from other dogs or wild animals. There does not seem to be any effective way to stop a dog from eating their own or other pet's poop, other than immediately cleaning up any feces, keeping litter boxes spotless (as dogs do eat cat poop too). However, that is an aversive smell stimulus, and may carry with it some of the risks of aversive techniques. If the dog does not have good recall, then we can put him on a long line so that we have quick control.3. When the dog goes near the litter box, non-mark him (No or Ack-ack) and give him something else to do.
If my dogs eat poop, I non-mark them (No or Ack-Ack) to let them know that this is not a desirable behavior.Then I give them the "Drop" command (which I have trained them on previously).
This is a behavior that no one really knows the answer too, but if you would like to read a few statistics on this behavior, read on. She very quickly became fat, when I fed her just a teeny bit more.I feed her with a bowl that is designed to slow her eating.
I am getting a little frustrated with the peeing all over and the pooping eating has been the icing on the cake.
If he keeps trying to get at the poop even after we have told him not to, then there should be a consequence, e.g. Then we go home and they no longer get to roam about.To dogs, eating poop is not something bad, so we need to teach them that it is not a desirable behavior to us.
Some people use a citronella collar.If they keep getting a negative outcome when they eat poop, they will most likely stop eating the stuff.Good luck! She seems starved all the time and I'm wondering if she smells the food in the other dog's stool.My other two huskies (ages 8 and 2) are doing well on the Evo grain free kibble.

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