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First of all, barking is indeed a standard behavior but it has shown, when exaggerated, that it should be analyzed and trained for the person’s and dog’s own good. The things that have helped “Fiffy” possibly won’t help “Bello” and “Max” is again quite different. Many dogs primarily bark when the delivery guy is coming over or strangers are passing next to your garden fence.
Dogs that don’t like to be alone often express their anxiety and frustration by barking too. Even dogs that receive too little or too much mental and physical capacity often tend to bark.

Most of the time it’s pure stress for the affected masters, (and even neighbors) but it’s also no fun for the permanently barking dog.
The dutiful german family dog will immediately start barking and the pedestrians will go on.
They approach barking loudly at other dogs, bikers and joggers or bark at trash bags and other “suspicous” things. Perhaps, on the one hand, because it has turned out successfully in an other situtation or, on the other hand, because barking is self-rewarding and responsible for discharging endorphins in their brains that will put it in a corresponding state. Therefore, it’s not possible to give you a universal recommendation. In the first step, you can check whether you or your dog can find yourselves in the above described causes.

It thinks that it drove them back successfully and therefore it will bark even louder next time.

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