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Guide dogs help those who are blind or have low vision to get around independently, confidently and safely. There are 12 other dogs named Yoda -- turns out Seattleites like fantasy names for their pets. Our overall success rate in breeding, training and matching dogs places it among the top accredited guide dog schools in the world.Guide dog puppies train for two years and pass many different tests to become a fully qualified guide dog. About Goldens - Breed Information Many interested adopters associate golden retrievers with being great family dogs, but there is much more that comes along with the breed.

At Petjoy we are committed to the ongoing education and promotion of learning with regards to service dogs. In this area of our site, you will find articles written by us as well as others that relate to topics surrounding service dogs and working dogs of all types.
You can learn and share this information on topics ranging from the definition of an Emotional Support Animal, current Federal Law, service dog requirements, how to choose a vest for your service dog, to where to get a service dog certificate.. We hope you find the compilation of articles and service dog information to the right side of this page helpful and purposeful.

Bookmark our site and check back here often to remain up to date on service dog information. If you are interested in having an original piece, written for our site, published in this section or in our Learning Center, please contact us for more information.

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