Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

Personal protection puppy training
Any person with a dog that seems calm but suddenly bursts into action in some circumstances.
Disabled people with limited strength or range-of-motion to properly 'snap' correct a dog wearing a slip collar. Walking more than one of these dogs at the same time - you don't want ride your belly like a skate board while 200 or 300 some pounds of Anatolian in a team or troika take off with you.

Walking a large protective dog at night in an area where the normally calm dog is walking high on his toes, ready to react before you are. Pinch collars, Prong collars, Curogan collars, Fur Saver dog collars, Herm Sprenger dog collars, Training dog collars.

To get a dog fixed
Keeping dogs from chewing
Teaching a rescue dog to walk on a leash

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