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Not sure if this has been done before, but it might be fun to make up a Petfinder profile for our dogs (even if they had one already, hey things could have changed!).
He has lived peacefully with two cats in his previous home, and a large variety of small critters (though he shows high prey drive outdoors). While Meeko is almost perfect, he does have some issues that the adopter must be willing to work with.
She is house trained, crate trained (but doesn't need a crate) and is good with other dogs.
Just don't let those sweet eyes fool you - he's an intense, hard tempered dog with a need for a firm handler who will work with him regularly. He has also been around children regularly, but will do best in a home with children 13 and up because of his exuberance. Plus, he's a fairly good looking dog that's well built, has good drives, and is from decent lines. As with many toy breeds, Meeko can become very protective and possessive towards his owner(s). Happy has some special needs as she has a severely arthritic knee due to an old injury, Happy does require medication to have any use of the leg.

He is fantastic about getting his nails dremeled and clipped, and will also allow his ears to be cleaned with no issue.
He has not lived with other dogs before and while it is not recommended, it is possible for those familiar with managing "bossy" dogs.
He will greet you every day at the door with kisses, butt waggles, and enthusiastic muzzle punching.
But despite all that, he is a wonderful dog in the house, preferring to warm your couch, bed, or carpet floor all day long without complaint!
One thing to be aware of is that he is possessive around other dogs and strange people, so please do not allow him toys or high value food items unless in a controlled setting where he will not be disturbed. He does not respond well to punishment, and must be trained with positive reinforcement training.
Happy is good with kids, dogs, cats, and small animals however she does get obsessive and like to stare. Jasper is trained in Flyball, Agility, tracking, herding, dock dogs, rally obedience, and needs a VERY active home.
He loves chasing after balls, plays a fierce game of tug, and will eagerly romp with you in any open field.

Gypsy is NOT friendly towards large dogs, so she can only go to a home with no other dogs or small dogs. When the puppies were not generating as much profit as the owners hoped, Meeko, along with many other dogs, were given away for free on Kijiji. Lucky for Meeko and five other dogs, a volunteer of True Blue Rescue came and whisked them away. However, Bennie does not play nicely with other dogs or animals, but she would thrive as an only pet.
She is very excitable and would need to live with children who know how to interact with dogs, and might be better with older kids who she can't knock over. However Lady could be adopted as a single dog once given lots of attention or perhaps as a companion in a home with a fairly passive medium to large male dog. He is more comfortable around smaller dogs, but will adapt easily to a home with a larger, respectful dog.

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