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Maltese Falcon’s design and construction, with the new page in sail yachting – DynaRig – made them all proud. From the foredeck, harboring a matched pair of 10-meter Pasco RIB tenders, Maltese Falcon’s bridge overlook provides a sleek, well-designed, convenient snack table, or a refreshing spot to relax, while serious program duty is but a few steps away at the control bridge. Her Central Dining area again fosters the stunning artwork of his collections; featuring at center, a sculpted version of the Maltese Falcon itself, enshrined in its own alcove.

Again, all-out artistic expression molds the Main Deck Salon to Maltese Falcon’s standards, in sculpted magnificence. Maltese Falcon’s computerized sail operation allows her to sail out of the harbor and maneuver at sea; yet always, of course, with an operator at the controls. The repeated circular theme resounds in her polished mahogany table and overhead in the lighting sequence, embellished by her glittering falcon in flight.

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