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While nylon leashes are the favorite of most dog owners, if you look at the leashes used by dog professionals or enthusiasts, you’ll see a different material…leather.
Now that I’ve discussed two of the most popular styles of leash which I would recommend, allow me to touch on a popular style of leash that I absolutely abhor: retractable, or Flexi, leashes.
Not only do these leashes rely on your dog pulling against you in order to work (most trainers would hate them simply for encouraging a dog to pull on a leash since we spend so much time and energy teaching dogs NOT to pull on the leash) but when the cord of the leash is extended it allows very little control over the dog attached to it. A long line can be as simple as a length of rope or other material with a handle at one end and a leash clasp on the other. Regarding retractable leashes, using them irresponsibly puts dogs, people, and other animals in danger.
I know many people who hate retractable leashes, but I think more than the leashes themselves these people hate irresponsible use of the leashes, which is unfortunately common. With a well-trained dog and responsible owner paying attention to the other creature at the end of the leash as opposed to texting or chatting on the phone, retractable leashes can greatly enhance exercise opportunities and quality of life for dogs and their people.
Very well designed multi functional padded leather dog harness - You can do practically anything with this harness - tracking,walking,pulling,hiking etc. Leather Walking Dog Harness With Padded Chest Plate - Perfect solution when you need to take your dog for the walk.
Multi functional leather dog leash - All time most popular design of training dog leash with 2 snap hooks and floating ring. Multi functional leather dog leash now available in natural (tan) color - All time most popular design of training dog leash with 2 snap hooks and floating ring.
Leather pull tab leash - Used for making the transition to off-lead heeling or great for agility training. Nylon cord leash- This extremely comfortable lead looks gorgeous in your hands and always will be noticed by people when you take your dog for a walk. Wide extra strong nylon cord leash - This lead is not afraid of water and mud as this is made from durable nylon cord.
Multi functional 2 ply nylon dog leash - All time most popular design of training dog leash with 2 snap hooks and floating ring. Very well designed multi functional wide leather dog collar - You can do practically anything with this collar - tracking, walking, hiking etc.
Leather Fancy Dog Collar With Braids - Perfect solution when you need to take your dog for the walk in style. Leather Walking Unique Dog Collar With Braides - Perfect solution when you need to take your dog for the walk in better control. For wet weather and high humidly climate, please choose nylon dog harness, for dry weather it is less important, both nylon and leather will do.

I think that you need to consider muzzle which does not disturb your dog at all or at least interferes as less as possible with your dogs eyes and allows a lot of space inside to pant and breath easily.
Durable and inexpensive (usually under $15), leashes made of nylon are available everywhere in a rainbow of colors and with a variety of clasps which are entirely a matter of preference. My favorite long lines are inexpensive and easily made in an afternoon with supplies from any hardware store.
Retractable leashes allow both my dogs to experience beaches, forests, mountains, lakes, and trails that we would otherwise not experience, providing more sniffing and exploring opportunities than they’d get on a standard leash. Never attach a retractable leash to a prong or choke collar or any type of head halter (like a Gentle Leader). If the leash is damaged or frayed, if the locking mechanism is slow or ineffective or spontaneously pops out of locked position, or if the clasp doesn’t close securely, replace the item immediately. Since they are lightweight, the dog "feels" off-leash, but you can reach down and give a leash correction by jerking on the pull tab.
Very comfortable and extremely strong, this lead is highly recommended for walking and handling dogs. We make this harness with handle on the top so you can assist your dog when snow is too deep in certain places and you can of course attach leash to the ring which stitched into this harness, therefore no need to bring regular collar.
It is important to mention that constant occasional usage of leather conditioner will allow you to use leather harness in wet weather as well. On the other hand leather muzzle is better solution for winter and cold weather, also leather muzzle does not reflect sunlight.
There is nothing like picking up a well-worn leather leash and feeling its soft, supple strength in your hand. Unlike fixed leashes made of nylon or leather, retractable leashes are not typically comprised of a band of material but, instead, are constructed of a thin cord which is attached to a plastic housing and ends in a bolt snap-type clasp. There is little else that frustrates me as much as seeing an owner walking with their dog on a retractable leash and paying little to no attention to what their dog is doing – especially at a dog event!
We look forward to hearing about your favorite harnesses, collars, and leashes and wish you all the very best in choosing the perfect style for your dog! Last week I wrote “Four Awesome Things for Dogs that Some People Think Are Cruel,” discussing the appropriate and recommended use of scheduled feedings, muzzles, crates, and long lines. Created by Colleen Koch, the device is my favorite for most situations where a long line might be required for safety. Call your dog back before he reaches the end of his retractable leash and reward him for returning, so he doesn’t flip himself over hitting the end of the leash at full run.
Wear long pants to reduce the chance of rope burns, and hold the leash only by the plastic housing, as grabbing on to the leash itself may cause rope burns at a minimum and amputation of fingers at worst.

Light weight of the harness will guarantee longer tracks distance, padding will help to avoid irritations at the most sensitive areas. Leather leashes can last decades when cared for properly and can tell stories of all the dogs they have helped to train and keep safe. General durability and sturdiness of the harness depends on whether the dog is leading person gently, acting as a brace for the assisted person or actually pulling a wheelchair.
For some muzzle models it is easier to fit leather muzzle because its snout basket part not fixed. Their durability and strength make leather leashes both more expensive (thin, short leather leads can cost around $20) and very much worth it. With this leash you will have much better control using the extra handle placed close to the snap hook.
I, personally, adore leather leashes but do not recommend them for puppies under the age of six months since that is when puppies are teething and are most likely to chew my beautiful (and expensive) leash to pieces in a shorter time than you’d imagine! Consider this, while you are not going to lead your dog using this handle, many times it is the fastest and easiest way to lift your dog securely.
If that wasn’t bad enough, these leashes are extremely prone to breaking which leaves a loose dog possibly trailing a dangerously long cord.
If you’re looking for a leash that will stand the test of time and reward you in its age by becoming ever softer and more flexible, leather is definitely the way to go! Last (and perhaps chief) among my complaints, retractable leashes result in frequent injuries to people and dogs. Depending on the climate and weather in your area you can choose between nylon pulling harness and leather pulling harness. I cannot think of a single situation or occasion which would persuade me to use a retractable leash.
On the other hand, leather pulling harness which is little more bulky is better, natural material for the dog and it also indicates in some way social status of the owner.
If I wanted to give my dog additional freedom to run I would either take them to a fenced, off-leash area or would use a long-line (long leash made or nylon, leather, or other material usually between 15’ and 40’ in length). Please consider the safety of yourself and your dog while being courteous to other people and their dogs and don’t use a retractable leash.

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