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I like the lobster claw, but I combine it with a carabiner for Iker, who is easily frightened. I'd like to get a couple of 4' leashes for Ozzie and Clarice (we really don't need 6', we don't leash walk for potty - just for exercise).
After our standard clasp failed for no reason -- and Heisman was on the loose and running zoomies between cars on a busy 4-lane road for many heart-stopping minutes before a Good Samaritan caught him for us -- we started reinforcing the clasp with a plastic zip-tie. My preferred leash has the slide so that I can lock it on to my wrist I had one with Sammi that finally died 2 years ago and I have yet to find that again along with a lobster claw end.

Our group sends every dog home with a martingale and an all-in-one like Greydawg mentioned above. I have had the style that you prefer break and open up with a pulling dog and I have had a locking one unlock, all compliments of Iker. The actual clip part is so long, as well as it takes effort to get it open, there's no way it could open accidentally, at least on the ones on my leashes (thank you Crown Collars for making such greyt leashes). In the winter I was worried the spring in the standard clip would get brittle and fail so I got new leashes and haven't wanted to go back to the old style clip.

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