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Measure Your PetTo ensure proper fit, use our handy sizing guide and match your results with the info in the product description. Hit the slopes and trails and give your dog a good workout with the Ultra Paws Skijor Hip Belt Hands Free Dog Leash. If you are looking for a support harness for your dog that is inexpensive yet strong and simple to use, the Bottoms up Leash is a great choice.

The bottoms up leash for dogs is a nylon, supportive rear end leash-harness designed to help animals with broken bones, arthritis, dysplasia, or any other skeletal or muscular problems. Control handle at the back of the belt is handy for beginners or in the starting chute at races.
The Bottoms up Leash has padded fabric tubes that offer protection to your dogs legs when lifting, these are also removable and easy to clean.

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