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May 14, 2015 By Shawna Leave a Comment It is a pain isn’t it when your puppy or dog chews through stuff that you used good money to purchase. This dog leash is one of the toughest chew proof leash you can find on the market today.  From the reviews, it clearly stood out as being a solid product that is light weight, thin, flexible and yet, strong enough to withstand all sorts of chewers. The secret is the leash material which is made of lightweight braided steel wire that dogs cannot chew through. A cool feature for this leash is that the metal fastener can be easily detached from the leash and be reattached to any pole, fence etc. Beside the chew guarantee, the main reason why people are buying this brand is due to its excellent color selection and low price.

With these 2 recommendations, you have no excuse now to buy any dog leash or harness that isn’t chew proof. Be it large dogs like Collies or small dogs like Dachshunds, they WILL NOT destroy his dog leash, period! However, this also means that the material can potential hurt you when your dog suddenly lunges forward. From the reviews, it is clear that dogs, especially large ones, are able to chew through this. For whatever reason, they seem to treat these products like a chew toy and destroys them within hours if you allow them to.

If your dog has been giving your problems in this area, you might want to consider getting one of these best chew proof dog leash. If your dog or puppy chew through this dog harness, simply get it replaced with no questions asked.

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