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If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need Karen Laws, The Ontario Dog Trainer! As an added bonus, I offer lifelong support for all boarding school graduates … for as long as you own your dog. Dog Park Tales is very excited to premiere an exciting new websiode featuring bomb detection dogs. Trainer Lisa Giroux shows you the easy way to make sure your pup comes to you everytime, so that you know whenever you go to the park, you’ll be ready for anything. Recent studies have found overweight dogs live at least two years less than those of a healthy weight. As Vet Jackie Parr explains, our perceptions of the proper weight for dogs has gotten skewed overtime.
The Dog Park Tales team discovers the thrill of dogsledding with Canada’s own Winterdance Dogsled Tours. Trisha Blanchet knew she had to do something when she learned that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were more likely to die from suicide than from combat.
A lifelong dog lover and the daughter of a veteran, she put the two together and founded Operation Delta Dog, an organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and then pairs them with returning veterans, who train the dogs to become their service dogs. Dog Park Tales had the privilege to catch up with Trisha and the Delta Dogs team just outside of Boston, MA.

We discovered what a service dog is, how they can help people recover from the emotional scars of combat, and what an incredible difference a chocolate lab named Mocha and a Collie named Lindy have played in the lives of two vets returning home. More and more owners are discovering that disc-sports are the perfect outlet for their high-energy dog. We’re thrilled to announce that the Dog Park Tales web series has officially launched! The Dog Park Tales crew caught up with Kathy Warner & Dave Harris of Tee Creek Dog Training Center in Ontario, Canada and her dog Face. We discovered on this journey that certain breeds of dogs are too intelligent to lie around the house all day with nothing to do. We’ve ‘herd’ this new episode of Dog Park Tales is packed full of fun – be sure to tune in as webisodes premiere February 15th.
Think again — A well trained herding dog works in partnership with its handler to calmly and safely direct a herd of sheep. During that time your dog will receive individual, personalized training to become the dog of your dreams! But if you’ve attended a sporting event, the speech of a prominent public figure, or visited a public building, chances as a bomb dog has been there to inspect it prior to your arrival. See how these dedicated dogs learn how to smell things we could not, then watch them do their work in their field.

Watch these incredibly cute pups play with each other for the very first time, and find out how puppy school lays the foundation for a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog. The intelligence, athleticism and passion this sport demands of these dogs is incredible, as is the relationship between husky and human. At this event, a fundraiser for a local rescue, we see top dogs run, leap and perform—all in glorious slow motion. Despite advances in technology, Dave and his team have discovered again and again that nothing can replace a well trained dog. Certified pet rehabilitation specialist Tanya Costa shares her secrets and explains why medical advances mean many dogs can lead normal lives even after injuries. Be sure to catch this new episode of Dog Park Tales – the weather may be cold out there, but these stunning sled dogs are sure to melt your heart. It was absolutely incredible filming their gorgeous dogs at work and learning the different ways one can teach a dog this very specific skill.

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