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This past Saturday I got to meet so many great new dogs available through the Lowcountry Lab Rescue :) I always love getting together with the dogs, fosters, and volunteers and we had a great turnout this time at the James Island County Dog Park. I think one of the greatest gifts that a pro photographer, and even a good hobbyist, can give is lending their lens to a local Labrador or Animal Rescue. Once again, It’s a Lab Thing would like to thank Katie for her truly amazing work and what she is doing for Labrador Friends of the South.

All but one of Midwest Labrador Retreiver Rescues have been Anna’s foster Lab at one point or another.
With all those Foster and Lab Rescues around Anna, she will have plenty of  awesome subjects for her to hone in her skills. If rescues could have at least one or two photographers, it could truly make  a world of a difference.

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