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I'm not trying to lower your hopes; I'm merely trying to tell you what kidney disease compliant dog food CAN do! When your dog's kidney function has diminished it is crucial to select the right dog food that will relief the burden of his kidneys. Special dog food may not CURE your dog but it will for sure make the remainder of his life a lot better! Once your dog gets a kidney diet prescription, he will require special dog food for the rest of his life. Kidney prescription dog food diet both extend and improve the quality of life in dogs with renal disease.
Probably you know that a human can donate one kidney to a sibling and continue living without problems.
When your dog is suffering from poor kidney function this means that kidney function has dropped below 30% of normal levels. A healthy dog has no problems with protein in dog food; in fact proteins are essential nutrients.
Kidney disease dog food therefore should have a lower protein percentage but the protein in the dog food should be of high bio-availability.

When burned for energy, carbon dioxide and water are formed which leave the body by breathing out and urinating. In healthy animals urea is not a problem as normal kidneys filter blood and remove urea without any problem. In sick animals with abnormal low kidney function, the urea cannot leave the body and remains in the blood. There are many causes for renal disease in dogs and disease onset can either be sudden (acute) or gradually (chronic). Dog food manufacturers have to pay attention to this fact when creating recipes for kidney patients. The kidney patient's body retains too much potassium and phosphoros, which results in a disbalance between potassium and calcium. Although you can conveniently order kidney disease dog food online, you still need veterinarian approval in order to purchase prescription dog food. Kidneys are important because they remove waste substances from the blood, and maintain the normal balance of fluid and minerals within the body.
Our dog Sparky had just gotten a diagnosis of acute renal failure and was tried on several other renal food but he just wouldn't eat them.

There are many causes for kidney disease (also called renal disease) resulting in a variety of uncomfortable and life threatening symptoms for your dog.
She won't last forever, sadly, but this food along with the care of our vet will help her to feel better for the time she has left. Needless to say, 3 months later at her next check up, her kidney functions are on target and she is in great shape. Signs of kidney disease don't usually appear until more than two-thirds of kidney function are lost. Price is very competitive, home delivery fast(!), and the best part is they will contact your vet for prescription approval.

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