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If this is the type of food you want to feed your pup, you’re going to have to be on a schedule and so is your dog. That’s why we’re recommending the foods we are below: they’re good overall, but they contain lots of good fruits and veggies, which makes for better overall health (in my opinion). We like Nature’s Logic dry dog foods, so when we started really looking for a good wet food, they were one of the brands we tried first. This is another good dog recipe with something we generally really love when looking at a dog food: fish as the main ingredient. We like to see fish in dog food because it’s got tons of great protein and tons of great fats.
The great thing about this food is that if you read the nutrition label, but whole first couple of lines is just meat and vegetables. We recommend Blue Buffalo a lot, but we have to be honest here: we’re not as absolutely gung-ho about their canned food as we are about their dry food.
And that’s mostly for the same reason we don’t like a lot of wet foods: there’s just not many vegetables. Still, it’s a good brand, and a good option if this isn’t the only food in your dog’s diet.

If you like this article, we have a good one on puppy food you might want to check out as well. We’ll cover the pros and cons of wet dog food—just so you know what you’re getting yourself into—and then we’ll give you a few specific recommendations that you can try right away.
That can make it tough to read the nutrition label accurately, but it also makes it an excellent source of water for dogs who have trouble staying hydrated.
A more pungent dog food might make them more inclined to eat, which can keep them healthier for longer. I don’t have this particular problem, but my fiance absolutely cannot stand the sight or smell of canned dog food.
This can lead to more bacteria and more decay (which is why dogs who eat wet food commonly have worse breath than dogs who eat dry food). It just means that if you’re going to go with canned food, you’ll have to be extra careful with your dog’s dental care. And it can be even tougher to find a good quality dog food that doesn’t totally break the bank when you’re buying a bunch of it every week or month. Lots of canned dog foods, even from brands I really love, contain almost no produce at all.

Wet canned dog foods provide lots of great benefits, and we still feed them to our pooch every now and again (mostly when she’s sick or we want to give her a special treat). That protein mostly comes from duck and duck meal, which is also a pretty fatty, gamey meat, which gives this food a nice flavor (according to our dog). Or, take a peek at this one on dog foods that can help your pup lose weight or this one on good food for large dogs. Mostly, it’s because it’s considerably more difficult (in our opinion) to find a good canned dog food with the kind of nutritional profile we look for in a good dog food.
Our pup's had plenty of canned dog food in her day, and she still gets it now and again if we feel like giving her a special treat.

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