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When you are pulling an invisible dog that does not exist in fact, not only do not worry about dogs run around, nor no place to store over Beware of urine, issues are resolved, but also attracted everyone`s attention, in 2009 the latest ideas, invisible dog .
But there are also quite a few restaurants into the show, also put the entrance basin, indicating the invisible dog welcome drink, of course, dog owners really take "them" in the past thirst miles! That help people to walk the dog`s younger brother, also received a few invisible dog CASE, also performed a very tough shape. The invisible dog toy was invented in the 1970s in the Brooklyn factory that served as our meeting point today. Tried to buy a treat for my invisible dog at a pet store and the guy wouldn’t let us in. Cool thing was watching people step around our dogs when they went up to a shelf to get something. Whenever anyone asked I said “well, its been raining a lot the past couple of days so the dogs had to get out.
We walked around for a bit and allowed our dogs to relieve themselves on the trees for awhile before the cops pulled up alongside us. After a while, I allowed my dog to defecate on the sidewalk and cleaned up after him with a ziploc bag.
I walked my dog Jabberwock around, we got lunch at a cafe and went in a couple stores (and didn’t get thrown out!
We very nearly caused an accident when a woman slammed on her brakes to lean out her minivan window and ask us what we were doing, and both and SUV and a bus almost rammed into her. The best was when people would comment on how adorable Jabberwock was, or let their (visible) dogs play with him.

My favorite moment from today (I had several!) Was when one guy tried to convince me that my dog had bitten him, he wanted my my name and phone number so he could start a lawsuit. Thank you for whoever was on the next corner patiently explaining, he was doing it cause the dog needed exercise, that answer coupled with noddy running in the opposite direction stopped the glares somewhat.
We had a blast while our dogs were getting rambunctious, sniffing other dogs behinds, climbing up benches and looking in store windows. The Target employees had great reactions, as did several people who stopped their vehicles to lean out the window and ask us about our dogs. I met Hope Davis whilst walking with the invisible dog, and told her she was awesome in God of Carnage, and she went ‘Thanks! Yesterday’s Improv Everywhere Invisible Dogs all over Carroll Gardens made me and our little Ella Joy happy.
The invisible dog toy was invented in the 1970s in the Brooklyn factory that served as their meeting point yesterday. I grew up in Carroll Gardens and proudly had an invisible dog leash during the 70s in Brooklyn.
Disco was at first kind of jumpy and darty, then quite aggressive, charging at other dogs before I could hold him back (he was very strong for a Maltese). She kept going on and on about how stupid this was and I was just like relax sweetie, we’re all just walking our dogs. I was just sitting in the the park (which I was informed later that dogs were not allowed in the park, very politely may I add) and after the ran off swearing their 13 year old heads off, I got into a conversation with a nice man who ranted on about how the world is falling apart and how kids like that will end up killing someone, or in jail! There was a LOT of crowd participation- I saw the woman mentioned above lean out her car, ask what’s up, and gamely caution us to pick up after our dogs.

For those of you who were not there – Improv Everywhere passed out over 2,000 “invisible dog” leashes and had everyone go for a nice Sunday walk in Brooklyn. No Longer Empty and The Invisible Dog art space were nice enough to loan them the vintage dogs for an afternoon of fun. She advised me in the kindest way that I had to leave the second floor because dogs were not allowed up there because of the cafe. If anyone hadn’t seen the invisible dogs by then, they’d think the owners had gone nuts! I herd him say like 137, 139 dogs then after like after half hour I saw him again and he was still counting. We even had a van stop and the parents explained to their children that our dogs were invisible, but real. New York Post took our picture after she asked where our dogs were from (the pet store of course!). After we were given our leashes, (Charlie Todd himself handed me my leash!), we walked out onto the streets of Brooklyn, ready to have a nice stroll.
The driver just laughed and drove off, so he mimes picking up the dog in his arms and carrying it off. There were so many agents around walking their dogs and people walking, taking pictures, laughing.

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