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But once a dog gets the behavior, I begin to ladder back on the frequency of treats, replacing them with praise, a toss of a ball, a scratch- almost anything the dog might like besides a treat. Unlike most other trainers, I take this one step further: I often get to the point where no treat is offered at all.
A dog who performs for love or attention rather than for a treat has a completely different behavioral presentation than one taught to respond only to treats.
I have had dogs risk their lives for me, fight for me, search for hours for me in the woods, break through doors to catch bad guys, dig through snow drifts to find me.
In 1990 my great dog Lou successfully defended me against two Venice Beach hobos determined to give me a beat down.  He didn’t do it for a bit of beef jerky. Current training philosophies in my opinion have abandoned utilizing the dog’s inherent desire to be part of a group, and to covet its members. I have even begun initiating new behaviors in my dogs using only praise, toys, or games as rewards. Try spending an entire week substituting praise, play, toy rewards, petting and quick massaging for a bag of treats. Ultimately I think a combination of treat and praise training is the way to go, slowly weaning off the treats in time. These little 5-calorie treats are the perfect size, even for my 60-pound, 5-year-old Boxer.

I plan to keep her around for many more years; and I feel confident that I am giving her a healthy alternative with these treats.
My cats have done perfect with the smaller-sized bites of the Rawboost, however, I also give some of the pieces as treats to rather large dogs.
I tap into another canine instinct that is nearly as strong as food drive, one which, if developed, will not only ensure great response time, but also create a more loving, attentive attitude in a dog, while also reducing the fixation on food. Instead, a mindset that treats dogs more like lab rats and less like loyal partners has taken over, and created treat-centric dogs who robotically work for the gut, and not the heart. You’ll see that, in addition to performing for the attention, your dog will focus more on YOU, and not your largess. Healthy and delicious, Raw Boost treats give dogs what they crave, including real all-natural chicken, turkey and pure raw ingredients.
This actually creates a heightened expectation in the dog: he or she doesn’t quite know if a treat is coming, and therefore becomes more responsive and excited than if I predictably gave a treat every time. Treats come out of every pocket, eventually leading to a somewhat anti-social, self-indulgent mindset. And he’ll be able to fit into that silly Batman costume you bought for him yesterday, for the doggy Halloween party coming up.
As with any treat added to your pet's daily diet, adjust your pet's caloric intake accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

These low calorie freeze dried treats are the perfect way to provide your dog with the healthy benefits of raw in a delicious flavor he’ll absolutely love. We live in close quarters, so I definitely cannot sneak extra food to my cat without my dog expecting food, too. It’s a fundamental rule of training: if you give a treat every time, the dog’s response time goes down. I see it in dogs all the time: many clients have dogs who, if given the chance, would run off with the first person holding a bag of cookies. These dogs have terrible or non-existent recalls, become incredibly pushy and demanding, and, as an aside, get pudgy from a doubling of needed calories.
And, no matter what you have read to the contrary, dogs are instinctively all about the group, the tribe, the family. But, just as kids can become shallow and manipulative if parented only with bribery, so will dogs become manipulative, pushy, and selfish when treat-trained too much.

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