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At Community Vaccine Clinics we want pet owners to be informed about protecting their pets.
Hopefully this supplies some helpful info in making a decision to vaccinate for Lyme disease or not. It has actually been specified that less than 2 % of exposed pet dogs develop the more serious ailment, Lyme nephritis (kidney inflammation).
In a 1.2 million research of immunized dogs, the Lyme vaccine produced even more after vaccination unfavorable responses within 3 days, than any other vaccine.

The pet dogs most susceptible to Lyme disease (hereditary predisposition), which require the most defense, should not be immunized.
In a few of these areas, 70 % to 90 % of the healthy dogs have been exposed to Lyme disease. In a study, 30 % of the pet dogs with Lyme nephritis had actually been given the Lyme vaccine 2 weeks to 15 months prior to disease. Please consider the following information as a resource to increase your knowledge for making an informed decision.

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