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I took my puppy to dog training classes with hopes that I could make Silver understand how to behave like a gentleman. I studied each book religiously and applied those methods to my husky – and guess what, none of the methods worked for Silver! At that moment it was like everything became clear to me: I was using the wrong training methods all along!
I went back to the library and returned all the books I borrowed and decided to study specifically the husky breed. Husky Obedience Training Formula is the first and last training guide that you’ll ever need. The best part about it is you won’t EVER have to hit your dog, yell, or use (abusive) training devices such as electric shock collars, choke collars, or prong collars! Husky Obedience Training Formula will teach you how to use simple voice commands, hand gestures, and well-timed positive reinforcement methods to put a stop to your husky’s bad habits, make your husky happy, healthy, and obedient.

In fact, you will get much QUICKER results because both you and your dog will be having fun during the training process!
Instead, you’ll learn his canine instincts and how to read his body language as well as how your husky responds to you. Throw out the dog training you have purchased because they don’t apply to your husky.
Most husky owners fail to pick up on even the most common signs that will ultimately lead to extreme disobedience, destructive behavior, or worse – outright aggressiveness. I went out to the library and picked up every dog training book that I could possibly find. I went out and bought 17 husky dog books, contacted over a dozen vets and breeders specializing specifically in huskies.
So within just 7 days, there’s a 97% chance that you will eliminate or drastically reduce your husky’s most annoying or destructive problem!

With this complete guide you will know everything there is to know about making your husky feel like you’re the greatest owner. I decided to take my husky training more seriously to make him happy, healthy, & obedient.
You will be able to make your husky happy and more obedient and in return, your husky will love you even more.

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