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In training, start out shooting away from the dog and slowly adjust until you are shooting right over the dog, so that it won't be afraid during actual hunting.
Research waterfowl dog training on the internet or consider purchasing one of many training videos; if nothing you do seems to work, enlist the help of an experienced trainer.
If your dog isn’t learning, explore as many training methods as possible, and be prepared to devote plenty of time to training. There is nothing quite like hunting near a lake on a frozen winter day, shooting a duck, and have your dog swim out in the near freezing water to collect your prize, and swim back to shore with duck in his mouth.
Although there are many adult dogs that are trained to hunt waterfowl, it is generally best to train your own puppy. Although these are basic and cliched dog commands, they serve as the foundational commands for more complex hunting demands.
It is important that your dog quickly understand the difference between a real duck and a decoy.
When you attach a scent to a decoy or training device, throw it in the water, and see your dog fetch the trainer and return it to you, make sure to let your dog know what a good job it has done. The more you train your dog to the scent and feel of waterfowl, the more your dog will impress you in the field.

If you use treats your dog will look forward to them, even when they are in the fields, or attempt to eat whatever you shoot. Let’s face it: all serious waterfowl hunters understand and appreciate the convenience and rewards of a hunting partner with four legs.
Not only will a puppy allow you the time to train the dog for your hunting style, starting with a puppy will also ensure a loyal dog that is bonded and conditioned to its owner. You can start in a small wading pool at first, and in no time your dog will be ready for the open water. There is nothing a dog wants more than to please its owner, and to establish a lifelong hunting partnership it is important to let your dog know from a young age that retrieving game is something he or she will be rewarded for. Remember, a dog’s biggest pleasure is pleasing its owner, so if you show appreciation for good behavior in practice your dog will certainly please you in hunting situations.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. With the proper training your dog will not only be able to help you successfully hunt waterfowl, it will also serve as an obedient, loving, lifelong friend. Look into the different breeds and decide which one is best for you and your hunting adventures.

Make sure you use a reputable breeder; you can research breeders online or at your local dog or hunting clubs.
Be sure to set decoys far away from the dog before throwing the dummy so they are able to find out where the dummy is and knows the difference between a real bird and a decoy. Take your waterfowl dog with you when you target practice, or set up simulated hunts in a proper shooting area. If you want to fill your hunting bags with birds and your heart with love, follow these simple steps to choose, train, and develop a first class waterfowl hunting dog. The key point is that your dog has to be prepared for actual situations if you expect it to perform like a seasoned hunter. Many times if dogs do not have a natural instinct you can help find them a home and work with a different puppy!

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