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Be it obedience issues or dysfunctional behaviour, I give you modern tips on how to fix it. He also barks when I try to relax and have a chat with other dog guardians at the dog beach. Imagine you are teaching your dog to sit, but he doesn’t yet sit reliably when you try to help him into that position.
He has to be quiet to chomp on the treat, so you can click again for him being quiet (and give him a treat again). Keep alternating between clicking for quiet and clicking for barking, to make the dog more conscious of both types of behaviours. Don’t be the dog training fool I was when, after he did it well just one time, I took him home to show it off. Lassie doesn’t exist, my good people, and solid dog training is a question of practice, practice, practice.
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We all know this and most people with excessive barking dogs just tune out the fact their dog is barking out of control.
If you want help or tips with your dog’s behaviour, and live close to The Hague, tell me about the problem here.
He has been showing signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (the doggie equivalent of Alzheimer’s disease) so any new trick is therapeutic.
And reward when he barks, then immediately go back to asking for a shush. If your dog barks before you had time to ask for it, take a step to the side and start again. If you have a dog that’s out of control in all areas this might be a tough one for them. It’s sure to get a few laughs at the park, and maybe your fellow dog owners at the dog beach can forgive his previous barking antics.
When the doorbell rings they’ll most likely start barking again but now you have a command to combat that unwanted behavior. It’s always best to wait until you can reliably put the dog into position before you introduce a word for it.
Keep practicing this technique till your dog is speaking on command with just a verbal command and hand signal only.

Some dogs will take much longer as their habit is often ingrained into their system but patience wins the game in training. This will not only make things easier for you but it’ll keep your dog in a steady position while training.
In my experience dogs learn much better with short sessions every couple hours rather than long sessions once a day. Once they’re keeping quiet every time you give the command I want you to reward them with a treat 4 of 5 times making sure the last one of the 5 is always rewarded. Believe it or not the best way to get a dog to be quiet on command is teach them to bark on command. Then a few days later 3 of 5, and so on and so forth till the treats are out of the equation and it’s a trained behavior for the dog. This is always the most difficult part for people because they want instant silence when they train this.

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