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To understand how to solve the problem of a biting puppy you must first understand why a pup is biting. Puppies need to learn how to live with their new human pack members and it's the humans who need to educate them. People that are involved in dog sports or people who want to do more advanced obedience and protection training need to preserve and build prey drive. Once you get a pup to redirect onto a toy you are on the road towards teaching that puppy that there are more interesting prey items than your hands and legs. Pet owners are often mistakenly told “YOU SHOULD NEVER PLAY TUG GAMES WITH YOUR PET” because it makes your dog (puppy) possessive and aggressive.This is simply not true. To increase the value of your toys the dog need to understand that all toys are YOUR TOYS and not HIS TOYS. This training is all covered in the DVD I produced titled The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog. Take advantage of the free 85 page eBook I wrote titled The Power of Training Dogs with Markers and the DVD by the same name. For questions related to training, you can check our extensive Q&A section or contact Cindy if your question has not been asked.
As part of National Dog Bite Prevention week, here are some facts, tools & resources that can help prevent dog bites and improve our community by educating people about responsible dog ownership.
When the dog encounters one of his triggers, he might display low levels of stress such as sniffing the ground or a tongue flick or he may show aggression such as a freeze or a growl. And ALWAYS ask the person handling the dog if it’s OK to greet it before you walk up to it. Know the triggers: Know your dog’s triggers and do your best to avoid putting him into those situations that just might push him too far. For the Love of the BreedI’m Not A Monster is an advocacy initiative that aims to dispel myths associated with misunderstood dog breeds, particularly pit bulls. This play involves physical activity games; they push each other around and bite one another.

When puppies chase balls or run after sticks or bite your pant legs this is an example of prey drive not aggression. It's our job to show the puppy an alternative behavior that satisfies the puppies drives to bite.
A dog may appear to tolerate being repeatedly mauled by a child and one day bites, surprising everyone. Even over the course of a single day, your dog may go from feeling relaxed and easy-going to tense and cranky — just like you.  Living with babies and small children can make for a grueling day. You may think that your dog loves to have the children climbing all over him and hugging him, but if you see any of these signs, then you are being warned that a bite could occur if the dog feels he has no other way of defending himself.
One dog may be stressed by loud noises, nail trimming, men with beards, foul weather and a bad diet. When multiple stressors happen at the same time or very close together, they will have a cumulative effect on the dog’s bite threshold. While breed bias often reflects unfounded fears toward breeds that may be a danger to our kids, it can also work the other way, when dogs considered to be “safe” are allowed to interact unsupervised with children. Understanding what a dog’s behavior is telling us and how our behavior may be interpreted by a dog is essential to reducing dog bites. Responsible dog ownership and public education must be a primary focus of any dog bite prevention policy. They bite, they chew-on family members, they chase human family members just as they did with their littermates. When a handler takes the dogs collar and tries to force it into a dog crate and the dog turns and tries to bite - this is aggression - either fear based or something else.
The problem with this is this can often squishes the pups prey drive (which we use in training) and damage the bond between the dog and the owner. So there are times a human screaming is enough to teach the pup that what they are doing is unacceptable. The toys I use to redirect the pup from biting me are not the same toys that I leave in the exercise-pen with him during the day.

Once you learn the game of tug you will also learn how to teach the dog to OUT the tug when you want it back. As I said, dogs and puppies need to learn to SPIT OUT the toy when told to do so and they need to learn to bring the toy back to you when you throw it. When dogs are showing teeth and nipping at your kid, it’s NOT funny nor cute nor harmless. Sometimes the warning have gone on for months or even years before the dog finally loses its tolerance and bites.
Another dog may not seemingly respond to these factors but is sensitive to visits to the vet’s office, small children, cats, people that smell like beer, dogs walking past the fenced in yard, and people approaching or entering the home.
This is called trigger stacking and it explains why a dog who has never bitten in the past bites, because he was pushed over his bite threshold.
Even if you are familiar with dog body language and communication, and know what to look for that indicates stress or conflict, always be proactive and active. The DVD The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog teaches you how to show the dog that the only time a toy is fun is when he plays with you and the toy. These are trained behaviors that are extremely important because it eliminates the dog becoming possessive of the toys. The DVD titled The Power of Training with Food trains dog owners the correct to use food to develop a level of communication that builds the bond with a new dog. And as guardians of the breeds most sensationalized by the media in regards to dog bites, please pay heed. Although media reports and rumors often give the impression that certain breeds of dog are more likely to bite, there is little scientific evidence to support those claims,” American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) added. Take mental snapshots throughout the day and place your dog along that line.  Learn the body language changes that signal moves in one direction or another.

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