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The recall command is ultimately an enormous investment, and the more time and effort is put into training it, the more dog owners will get paid back – and the returns may ultimately be priceless such as saving the dog’s life! For instance, when at the dog park, it may come handy calling the dog when play starts getting a bit out of hand. There are several rules to abide to when teaching this command, and failure to follow them is often what causes the training to regress or even fail to reach its full potential. Following is a basic step-by-step guide for training a good recall.The dog owner and a volunteer should train in a quiet room with little distractions going on. The training can then be transferred to areas with increasing distractions such as other busier rooms of the house, the fenced yard and so forth.Another variant on having the dog on leash consists of having one person physically hold the dog, while the other person calls him.

Following are some important tips that will help dog owners master a reliable recall.Dog owners should always make recalls fun and rewarding. One that can be used often on a daily basis, and one mostly used as a back-up for emergency situations.Teaching a dog to stick nearby is a good way to bond and reward voluntary check-ins. Dog owners should practice in a fenced, secured area rewarding their dog for coming near them with praise and lots of tasty treats.The use of a long-line is a great management tool to use when training a good recall. The dog this way is safely under control, while long distance recalls can be practiced without worrying about the dog taking off.Dog owners should make sure all family members use the exact same recall command.
The whistle may work better than voice because dogs are so used to hearing their owners talk and pronounce their names so often that it soon loses value.

The best part is that the dog will also look forward to playing these games, so it’s a win-win situation for all!Puppy in the MiddleSeveral people form a large circle and have the puppy or dog stay in the middle. The two people at opposite sides will take turns calling the puppy and kneeling down, lavishly praising and rewarding their dog as he reaches them.Hide-and SeekThis is an advanced game for dogs who know how to perform a solid sit stay.

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