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The “Go Lie Down” command tells your dog exactly that – Go to the place I am indicating and lie down.
There are many circumstances when it is necessary for your dog to lie down quietly in a particular spot! Next walk briskly, or run, with your dog to the place you indicated, while repeating “Go lie down” followed by “Good dog”, and a final “Down” as you pat the floor in the appropriate place. If you would like to subscribe to ABC's Dog Training Tip of the Month, please click here for instructions. How to train your dog to lie down is a common issue that you must have heard quite frequent when you have a dog.
One of the simple instructions that our dogs have to understand is to lie down on the ground.
Before your dog is trained to lie down, make sure the dog know the instruction how to sit down.
If you have already used a clicker with training, you can use the clicker instead of a treat for positive reinforcement, particularly if your dog has weight issues or is not hungry because he just ate. Keep the treats nearby and give him one as soon as he lies down and stays, and be sure to give praise. This means that you should have patience with dog training, and accept that your dog has certain traits and behaviors (chewing, mouthing, roughhousing) that are just part of being a dog.
Contact a professional dog trainer if you’re still having difficulties getting your dog to lie down or with any other dog training difficulties. This version of How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 29, 2015. If you, like countless other animal lovers across the world, desire to re-assess your current career choice and embark into an exciting and fulfilling career such as dog training, kennel management, veterinary assisting, etc., you should put serious thought and consideration into your search for your new career.
It is almost the same with asking him to sit down but this one is to making him stay low on the ground. That is why in choosing the training locations, choose wisely so that the dog will feel comfortable during the training session.

It is because the training will start with the dog in a sitting position Thus, you have to know how to teach dog to sit before you can even start to train the dog to lie down.
This is very important to do absolutely every time, because eventually you will train the dog to lie down without any treats and only with this command. If your dog is particularly resistant to the luring technique, you can reward “catching” him lying down on his own. He’ll have to stand up to go get the treat, so then you just wait for him to lie down again.
This teaches your dog to know what he’s expected to do without having to actually see the treat. If he refuses to lie down without seeing a treat, you can try this “fake out” trick: lure him into the lying down position with a treat just like in the first section quickly 4 times in a row.
Practice your dog’s new skill in different locations so he’ll be able to do it anywhere you ask him to. After your dog can lie down in various locations and under various circumstances, start giving less treats.
Start asking your dog to lie down before different fun activities, like before you put on his leash to go for a walk, before you give him dinner, before you throw him a favorite toy, before he’s allowed to meet new people, or before you let him off leash to play.
If you hit your dog or yank his leash when he does something you don’t like, he may simply learn that you are scary and not connect his behavior with how he got hurt. Move around from room to room, so that your dog understands what to do no matter where you are. Second, move the treat closer to the nose of the dog and then move your hand gripping the treat slowly to the floor.
Teaching your dog to lie down can help you control him and his impulses in general, and can increase your bond with your dog. Practice saying “down” and luring him down to the floor, using the same “L” motion, but without a treat in your hand. As soon as he does, say your praise (“Yes!” or “Good dog!”) and open your hand to show him there’s no treat.

Instead of guiding your dog all the way to the floor with your hand, say “down” and guide him almost to the floor. For instance, if you’re teaching your dog a solid sit-stay, you’ll need to work on having him stay until you release him, then staying while you move away from him until you release him, then staying while you move away from him with distractions until you release him.
You want to open your own business and start training dogs professionally in order to enrich the lives of pets and their owners.
For instance, if you sometimes pet your dog when he jumps up, but sometimes you yell at him, he’s bound to get confused about how you feel about the behavior.
So if you only practice a new skill in the kitchen, you’ll have a wonderfully kitchen-trained dog.
Of course when we have a dog we want the dog to show good behavior such as understands instructions and behaves well every time. It will be better if the dog is trained inside the house because the floor is less uncomfortable for the dog.
It takes hard work, determination, and most of all, a real life plan on how to break away from the pack! An individual who desires this type of training career does not necessarily need to attend a vocational program or pursue certification; however, it is highly recommended. Pet care specialists can seek employment at specialty and major pet supply stores, grooming salons, dog walking businesses, doggie daycares, pet hotels, and more.
There are a variety of career options available to those who become certified as Dog Trainers, Vet Assistants, and Groomers.
Whether you want to train dogs or just play with them, there is a job out there perfectly suited for you. However, if you are persistent and have a good business plan when you start out, you are already ahead of the game!

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