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Excessive dog barking is a real nuisance, but before you can address the problem you need to understand why your dog is barking. In the above examples, it was the causes of the dog barking that needed to be addressed, not the barking itself.
As I mentioned earlier, different situations may require different ways to stop your dog barking. If you have a puppy with an excessive barking problem, and the above simply isn't working for you, you may find this article called 'How To Stop Your Puppy Barking' very useful.Many of the methods used also work with adult Cocker Spaniels. Most Cocker Spaniels enjoy being outdoors, but unfortunately some turn into barking demons as soon as they're let into the garden. There are many owners who recommend using a barking correction collar on their dogs, usually because all else has failed. Look at it this way.When the postman or a delivery-man comes to the door, your dog is whacked for barking, whether it's with a newspaper or something thrown at him, and he feels pain each time.
If there's a possibility that your Cocker is simply barking for attention, you could be making matters worse by fussing over him when he barks. If you enjoyed this page, it would be really helpful if you clicked on the 'Like' button below. The Spaniel Buzz!Sign up to our quarterly e-zine for new articles, top tips, competitions and lots more. Take him out into the garden with a light line attached so that you can quickly get hold of him. Dog barking can quickly become a nuisance especially if your pet becomes a vocal demon when he's let out into the yard. Although dogs bark to communicate, and it's natural for them to do so, some will bark at anything that moves in the garden; birds, squirrels, leaves, moving water, and sometimes even their own shadow!Some will bark if they can hear neighborhood children playing close by, especially if the children are excited and he hears high pitched squeals and laughter.
There are other methods you can use to stop barking dogs and you might like to take a look at some of the alternative options below:If it's puppy barking you're concerned about you may prefer to try a more natural approach as outlined in our article 'How to stop your puppy barking'. Puppy barking is a normal dog behavior but when it becomes excessive, to the point that everyone in the household is stressed, it must stop. Puppies can be trained as early the day you adopt them, which should be between 7-8 weeks or older.
You can then keep on learning about dog behavior and training to ensure your pup grows up to be your best friend.

For example, if your puppy barks every time someone walks outside the house, then have someone walking outside the house at your request.
Then set up a similar situation, but with the trigger much further away so your pup can respond to your command better. You a extra tranquil relationship amongst and used two of her personal month they wandered. If your dog is barking at visitors, delivery men, garbage collectors, or the postman, I recommend you follow the link and try these training exercises. One of the down sides to a correction collar is that another dog's barking can set it off.If you're on a tight budget, a simple and cheap alternative to the correction collar is a water spray. That's why it's necessary to understand the cause of our pet's barking so that we can use the correct solution.If your Cocker Spaniel is often attention seeking, ask yourself whether or not you're spending enough time with him. Alternatively, they may prefer to work directly with you and your pet to come up with a strategy to stop your dog barking.
I am lucky as the breeder only lives across the road, so I see Ben a lot and look forward to having him permanently.
To some extent you want him to alert you to the fact that someone is approaching your front door, but not everyone else’s door as well!
As soon as he opens his mouth, pick up the line and hustle him indoors saying nothing at all.
Give him a short ‘time out’, then take him outside again and repeat the process every time he barks.
If you and your neighbors are at your wits end read on to learn how to stop your dog barking, quickly and easily.
People simply walking past your home or garden may be enough to trigger a little vocal chorus.One thing I do know is that if your dog's barking is driving you mad, you're not alone. Yes, I know it sounds wrong, but it works!If it's a really bad problem, and you've tried everything else, you might like to consider using a barking correction collar, (which is a device that fits onto your dog's collar) or a water pistol (or home made water spray) as described here. With a lot of practice and patience you will have a puppy that barks only when you ask and becomes quiet on command. This often happens when puppies are barking because they are home alone or the stress is too high. Excessive barking shouldn't be tolerated for any reason and it's best if the problem is addressed quickly, before it becomes a habit.

You can use an ordinary toy water pistol or garden spray bottle, simply fill it with water or water and lemon juice.
This is cruel and I certainly don't recommend it.Smacking the underside of the dog's muzzle every time he barks - I don't think so. Leave it too long and he won't make that connection.Acknowledge your dog's bark (he's telling you that you have a visitor, say the postman) and then tell him to 'Be Quiet'. It may take a little while for him to make the connection between his actions and the consequences, but stick with it.
If this has no effect on his behaviour then that could suggest either he prefers to be inside or you’re not removing him from the garden fast enough.
Knowing what each different bark means will help you to determine 'why he's barking' and then allow you to deal with it properly.How To Stop Your Cocker Barking At Visitors - this is a must if your Cocker barks at everyone who comes to your front door - and it works a treat!Barking Is A Typical Attention Seeking Behavior In Dogs - If your Cocker is simply barking for your attention, here's how to stop it - just ignore him.
Below is a list of the most common dog barking problems and the link will take you to the appropriate solution guide. Like any dog barking problem the first step is to figure out WHY your puppy is barking incessantly.
The problem with a spray that you activate is that he can only be 'punished' for barking when you're around; if he barks when you're not around he won't be sprayed which results in inconsistency, making this method slightly less effective. However, it's said to work like the correction collar.Staring into the eyes of a barking dog until the barking stops and the dog goes into 'submissive mode'.
Read on to learn more.How A Rattle Bottle Can Help - In my opinion, this is a little drastic and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Fear barking: This is more likely to happen when you are on walks with your pup and something scares him.
Although it's much easier to teach this command to a young puppy, it can also be taught to an older dog, however it may take slightly longer.
Always take your puppy away from a situation like this, do not push him to confront it.Attention barking: Many puppies will learn that if they bark, someone will come to give them attention! My Cocker Spaniel could hear them, but couldn't see them and the sound of their playing used to drive him wild - he just wanted to join in the fun.

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