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When your Dog was a Puppy, you loved it when he jumped up on you to greet you in the Morning or when you came home from Work, but as he grows bigger, it can be a Problem especially if he jumps on your visitors.
Train your dog to be well behaved and stop jumping at you and other people with advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. Step 1: Teach your dog to sitWhen your dog jumps up, use the 'SIT' command as this will force him to back down. Bryn Lucas has been back exploring the homes of the UK in order to pack full this series with tips and advice for decorating your home. Summer is a challenging time for parents and keeping your kids out of trouble this time of year is a tough job.

Owning a dog can be great fun and truly rewarding but nothing breaks domestic bliss quicker than a suspicious looking stain on the Persian rug so watch and learn the secrets of housetraining your dog. Download our standing order form and take it along to your bank to help one of the animals.
Thankfully Anna Williamson is here to help keep your kids occupied and turn the summer holidays from a nightmare to a dream. We’re showing you some tips on how to make the most of them and helping you think creatively about the look. In this series she helps you to style and decorate your home to make it into a sanctuary of relaxation and happiness with everything from relaxing colour schemes to de-cluttering your home.

The Head of Training at Battersea Dogs and Cat's Home, Ali Taylor, takes you through the technique. This helpful video offers simple advice on what to expect from a new puppy and how to turn it into a well-mannered, happy and healthy dog. This is a problem mostly seen in anxious dogs so giving plenty of reassurance is the first step.

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