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My dog Teddy had a whole collection of stuffed animals and she knew them all by name and would bring them to you if you asked: Mr. If you give your dog stuffed animals be sure to watch how they act with them to make sure they are safe. After surgery, your vet will usually give you (or sell you) a large plastic cone to put around your dog’s neck. Saying "no" to that bundle of cuteness might be hard, but your stuffed animals will thank you.
Be careful when using them that you are disciplining your dog while they are doing the bad behavior and not after they’ve quit. Every puppy knows that squeaky ducks, tennis balls and ropes are awesome things to chew on, but the youngsters rarely think of them any better than the corner of your couch, your shoes or your stuffed animals.

This one command will not only save your precious stuffed animals, it will also make your life a whole lot easier should your pup decide to munch down on shoes, socks, grass and anything else that doesn't qualify as canine food. Teaching your little girl to leave your stuffed animals alone when you're home isn't too difficult, but it's nearly impossible to reinforce when you're away from the house.
It's a common misconception that dogs cannot tell the difference between what's yours and theirs. If you don’t buy stuffed animals made for dogs, be careful to watch for pieces like plastic eyes and noses and styrofoam stuffing that can be chewed off and eaten. Stopping your stuffed animals from their deadly fate is a job for a new command and a few treats. Make sure it's accessible and not too tall or pushed behind something that would prevent her from snatching one of her toys, like a couch or end table.

After she's leaving the stuffed animal alone when you're near it, stand up and walk away but keep an eye on her.
Instead of risking coming home to a bunch of stuffing strewn across the floor, keep the stuffed animals up high and out of reach, in your closet or hidden inside a lidded crate. Keep testing her by adding more stuffed animals or disappearing into another room, but peeking out from around the corner to watch her.

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