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With 400 photos and a step-by-step plan, this book is like no other puppy book you’ve seen before. Her Learn to Earn Program for developing a clear line of communication while training the puppy to look to you for guidance and to exhibit self-control. The book also comes with online access to a puppy socialization check-list and a poster on the body language of dogs.
Raising a puppy successfully takes patience and dedication but the process can be made a whole lot easier by reading Sophia Yin’s excellent book, Perfect Puppy in 7 Days. This book is a comprehensive and humane guide to puppy behavior and training, incorporating a detailed guide on how to interpret your puppy’s body language.
This well-organized book is filled with essential information about puppy development and learning. It is this Australian Cattle Dog puppy's first day home and she is learning to come when called and to sit for petting, treats, and toys, even when other dogs are around.
The book guides you through potty training, socialization, and life skills in a way that makes the process simple and fun.

With over 400 photos it visually takes you through the steps needed to potty train, socialize, and provide your puppy with life skills.
Experts and novices alike will appreciate the illustrations and analogies that turn science into a clear and enjoyable read. As a professional dog trainer, I am always searching for reward-based resources for my clients, especially first time puppy owners. And it ensures that your puppy will enjoy behaving well, because it teaches owners how to make good behavior fun. This book lays out, in detail, how to set your puppy up for success from Day 1 using common sense, gentle techniques, while establishing clear communication between puppy and person.
I have two Shiba Inus, who are supposed to be one of the most difficult breeds, and this approach works well for us even though I am a first time dog owner! Her “pet-friendly” techniques for animal handling and behavior modification are shaping the new standard of care for veterinarians and petcare professionals. It’s not just about teaching your puppy manners, it’s a step-by-step recipe for bonding with your puppy, learning to communicate with him, and preparing you pup for life!

Get this book and you will set your puppy up for success with a solid foundation to live happily and harmoniously with you. They allow us to create unique educational materials to empower both pet-care professionals and pet owners.
Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day. If you have a puppy, work with puppies, raise puppies, or just plain like puppies, get this book.

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