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Puppies kick into prey drive (that’s where they chase moving object) when kids run in the house or back yard. Certain kid activities can put some puppies into defense drive – like sudden tight hugs or being picked up and cuddled to tightly. Kids pull puppy ears, tail hair, stick fingers in ears, eyes or hit puppies with their hands or objects.
Monitor your children’s activity and continue to teach them how best to interact with the puppy.

One more exercise to do is to tether your puppy to something like the coffee table leg to prevent your puppy from chasing the kids (control the training environment.) Have your kids line up and approach the puppy to pet. If you know these things you can plan ahead and supervise your puppy and begin to teach your children how to better interact with your new puppy. During this time they work on socialization – things like bite inhibition,(they learn by thru their litter mates when they bite too hard) how to read body language, and generally get along.  Puppies that are adopted or sold and given to owners at 8 weeks of age miss out on 4-6 weeks of critical socialization.
It’s not that this is not a good thing to do, but as dog owners you should be aware that some puppies get very concerned about this close proximity and will sometimes growl, snap or bite if hugged to tightly all of a sudden or picked up too quickly.

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