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Depending on the size and breed, a dog is typically considered a senior somewhere around 8 years old.
Similarly, your older dog jumping up to excitedly greet you when you get home, or getting overly excited and jumping up on visitors to your home, could potentially be at higher risk of injury from landing wrong and slipping. Unlike their younger counterparts, a senior dog has impulse control and is likely to have no issue with sitting still for longer periods of time. If your dog has always been encouraged to jump up, or has gotten away with jumping up his whole life, he will be convinced that jumping up is the best way to get attention. All dogs, regardless of sex, breed or size, jump up because they want to get our attention. Any methods that are physical could cause much more harm to a senior dog than a young or adult dog.

This is why you have a great opportunity to teach a senior dog to offer a sit, down or even a place (go to your bed) behavior as an alternative behavior to jumping up.
By removing your attention and giving the dog your back, you are providing the dog with a consequence for his undesirable behavior. If we give them attention, which includes eye contact, verbal praise or our touch, we are validating for them that jumping up is a great way to get attention.
If they were to sustain a jumping-related injury that required surgery (going under anesthesia) the surgery could be too risky for a senior dog. Just like you would with a new puppy, take extra care to be gentle, encouraging and patient with a senior dog. As soon as your dog stops jumping you can ask him to sit, lie down or even go to his bed before you share any affection with him.

Depending on how long your dog has been practicing jumping up on people, this could take several weeks to a couple of months for your dog to perfect.
I worry about her if she were to jump up and catch a flying disc and how that could affect her old joints as she lands.

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