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Dogs are similar to babies in their ability to discern an intent by a human to communicate meaningful information. Dogs pick up not only on the words we say, but also on our intent to communicate with them, according to a report published online in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Jan. And recent research found that dogs are paying attention not only to what we say, but to how we say it. Send me a free issue of Scientific American with no obligation to continue the subscription.
Every day pet owners email about me problems they are having with their dogs—anxiety, aggression, unruly, lack of focus. Fortunately, humans can develop the needed communication skills while training dogs to have self-control and emotional control in one fun, reward-based program called the Learn to Earn Program. For the fastest training, dogs should earn their meal throughout the day when you are home. Leadership is established when humans can set clear guidelines for the dog’s behavior and can effectively communicate the rules by always rewarding correct behaviors as they occur while preventing or immediately removing the rewards for undesirable behaviors before they are accidentally reinforced.
In general, dogs have impulse control issues because taking things without asking, barging through the door,  blurting out of turn, and pulling with all their might have worked so well in the past.
Consequently, the Learn to Earn program is useful for dogs with fear, anxieties (including separation anxiety), arousal issues or hyperactivity, inability to focus on their owners, as well as just general lack of training and unruly behavior.
For most problem dogs that I work with in my house, this takes just several days or at most a week.
The harness was developed in the United States and will seriously improve dog to human communication. The hi-tech backpack can sense the dog’s movement and detect the sound they make, enabling the owner to know how they feel and what they want.  Humans can talk back to their pets thanks to speakers and vibrating pads in the harness. Researchers say that the gadget could be particularly useful for guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs and training dogs.

One of the common themes with all of these scenarios is that these dogs tend to lack impulse control and their humans need to find better ways to provide guidance and leadership.
In this program, humans gain leadership by controlling all the resources that motivate the pet and requiring the pet willingly work for these items instead of getting them for free.
For some dogs and breeds of dog there may be a physiologic or genetic tendency towards having less impulse control, which means their humans must carry out the program more thoughtfully and consistently than owners of the average dog. Whereas taking things without asking worked before, the only thing that works to get them what they want now is to automatically say please by sitting.
The reality is that if humans work at this diligently their dogs will progress more in a week than most dog-human teams learn in many months. For more difficult dogs this stage may last much longer (3-4 weeks for me which means much longer for you). As a dog trainer myself I have wholeheartedly seen the benefits of making dogs work for everything that is rewarding in their life. My son owns him but he lives with me because my son and family are on the road for months at a time. I'm just totally pleased to read about Developing Leadership in Humans and Impulse Control in Dogs.
Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and co-lead author of a paper on the work, said that the harness is equipped with two types of communication technologies and Roberts described how the system works.
In addition, the sensors provide humans with information regarding the dog’s emotional state.  Finally, the wearable tech can be augmented with a variety of other devices, such as microphones, cameras and environmental sensors.
The following presentation is my own version of the Learn to Earn Program for Developing Leadership in Humans and Impulse Control in Dogs. Overall with the Learn to Earn Program, rather than complying out of fear, dogs can choose to follow human direction because doing so leads to rewards and then doing so becomes a habit. We start with easy situations such as requiring dogs to sit for treats or kibble delivered by hand.

Too many people give the dog everything freely without thinking about how the lack of structure is going to effect the dog's behavior.
When they are here, I have little or no control over how he, his wife, and their children interact with Buck.
The actual program is laid out step-by-step with photos in Perfect Puppy in 7 Days (chapter 5).
Next we systematically work with more difficult situations such as sitting to play fetch or for the opportunity to chase squirrels and then we expect longer or more bouts of desired behavior for fewer and fewer rewards.
Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day.
But I did not give up on getting the answers which will be useful to many dog owners in this world.Finally I came up with only one question. This article merely touches on the subject of communication between dogs and humans but hopefully it will have explained some of the ways in which dogs can speak.  Shouting at a dog to make him understand has about as much effect as shouting at a foreigner that does not speak English, but a gentle word, a bit of body language, and a whiff of pheromone says it all! Puppy barking is the way of communication when they are less than 8 weeks old.This communication will be same when they are hungry, when they need water, when they want to play.
Puppy Training Guide can be helpful for dog owners to avoid mistakes .Adult DogsPuppies started learning when they are 3 weeks old.
If you find them barking with out any reason , they are in the urge of excretion.As a dog owner you should understand their language.

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