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Our dog is a sneaky, comfort-seeking beast who apparently is also a little too cool for her dog bed. We've tried a few tricks, but the most recent failed attempt made me wonder if finding a solution was impossible.
For most dog owners it is, too.As in teaching any new behavior, a command needs to be attached to the action.
As the light went off in MY head, I had a REALLY good laugh!OFF can be used to remove paws from bodies, counters, or furniture; it will mean the same to the dog. Before any OFF training begins, the SIT command must be trained and understood (see related article). Jumping on you will be difficult and uncomfortable because your knee will be in the way, and some of the more exuberant dogs will hit your knee and find it unpleasant.

If you raise your knee AS the dog jumps on you, your timing will be off, and your dog may be hurt. Let the leash dangle onto the floor, and firmly step on the leash where it angles onto the floor. Do this several times in a row, and most dogs will start to get the idea after the 2nd or 3rd try.
Some of the more exuberant dogs will seem to be dense about it, and have to be reminded a little firmer. But remember no teaching happens to a crated dog!Never use your hands to push the dog off of you, because dogs will misunderstand the touch as petting or praise. Also, once the dog understands what OFF means, then the word can be used as a reminder BEFORE he jumps up.

It showed me great ways to teach my dog almost every single trick imaginable and how to correct the most common behavioral issues.
It is full of carefully compiled videos that allow you to watch and listen to their expert solving the exact problem you’re having with your dog, with another real dog and its owner.
You can see the precise body language he uses, how the tone of his voice changes, and how the dogs respond, changing their behavior almost immediately. I feel blessed to know my dog is trained properly and effectively Gotta love the Internet!

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