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If you rabbit is free to roam your home then the legs and edges of your wooden furniture are likely to be damaged. When you live with a house rabbit there will be times when you cant keep an eye on them, for instance when you are at work or at night when you are asleep.
How to build a simple indoor enclosure in the corner of a room that will allow enough space for you rabbit to stretch and binky about and can also include a litter tray, hay feeder and even some toys to enrich the environment.
There are lots of types of indoor bunny rooms and choosing the best one to suit your rabbit and fit into your home can be difficult. Rabbits are always looking for something to chew on and if you don’t provide them with lots of safe and acceptable alternatives this can lead to costly repairs to your home. Rabbits love to explore tunnels and spaces in your home however this can lead them into dangerous spaces such as behind appliances and behind furniture. Its important to give you rabbit lots of toys to enrich their environment and keep them happy however these toys are often expensive and don’t last for long. Its natural for your rabbit to want to dig and shred materials and surfaces and if you don’t provide them with some safe and acceptable alternative this can leading to significant damage to your home. One of the most important parts of caring for your rabbit is making sure your home is safe. There are times when you cannot keep an eye on your rabbit, for instance when you are a work or at night. If you introduce a rabbit into your home and don’t do any bunny proofing then damage can quickly build up. How to change your behaviour, home and lifestyle to live in better harmony with your house rabbit. Find out how by rethinking the way your home is set out and by making some simple but important changes you can create an environment you and your rabbit can share together and without stress. Find out what house insurance is available if you have a house rabbit and what damages can be covered.

It’s important that you learn to pick up your rabbit safely so that you can handle it when you need to with out getting scared and hurting itself or you.
When you bring a rabbit home for the first time there are a number of things you will need to get and do to prepare your homed to make sure your new rabbit will be comfortable, safe and ensure you limit the damage it can do.
If you want a happy and healthy rabbit it’s important to enrich their environment to allow it to exercise its natural instinct to dig and forage for food. Even if you litter train your rabbit their may be times when it has the odd weeing accident. Bitter sprays can be a useful way of helping put your rabbit off chewing wooden furniture such as table and chair legs and skirting boards doors and walls. Once you have done this, sit him on your lap and he will move in to a desired position he wants to sit in. Repeat this EVERYDAY and soon enough you will have a tame bunny rabbit, who will come out to play easily every day!
Before you begin taming your rabbit, find out what treats it likes the most, and use them when taming your rabbit.
Follow this simple guide and find out how to stop your rabbit chewing wires, digging up your carpet and damaging your wooden furniture and baseboards.
Find out how to prevent costly repair by protecting floor surfaces, applying bitter sprays and learn how to make a digging box to use as an acceptable alternatives. Find out how to avoid the damage that can build up by protecting these easily to reach areas of your home and discover lots of tried and tested tips to avoid costly repairs. Find out how to stop the soft wooden edges being chewed off and discover lots of simple but effective training tips to keep your rabbit out of trouble. During these times you will need to secure your rabbit somewhere safe so it does not come to any harm and make sure its a space that’s fully bunny proofed so you can relax knowing no damage is occurring to your home. To help you understand which one would suit you the best we have been taking a look at some of the indoor enclosures other people have made of people rabbit rooms.

Find out what the best chew toys to keep your rabbit out of trouble and help stop your furniture, baseboards and carpet being eaten. See out guide to the best safe and acceptable alternatives to keep your rabbit amused and happy. Why wast money when you rabbit would be just as happy with some simple toys you can make your self for fee.
See our top10 list of toys you could use to control this behaviour including many free solutions.
They don’t however respond well to discipline like shouting or smacking which can leave them timid. Find out how to make your Christmas decorations safe, stop your tree being chewed and make sure you and your rabbit enjoy this time.
Find out what can cause this and how to stop it before it turns into a problem and learn the best ways to clean things up. This can be a pain, but after reading this article, surely your rabbit will not squirm or scratch whilst being held!
This is what most people do which is wrong in rabbit taming and they end up with a vicious rabbit that never comes out to be petted-as you NEED to train them to actually stop them from doing this.
But with a bit of practice voice training is possible and they can learn to take notice when you say no! But to prevent him escaping, when he tries to nudge out of your arm, slowly raise it slightly so he can't get off.

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