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Step 3Create a scenario likely to elicit door-scratching, for example by shutting him in a room. Fortunately, you can use similar corrective techniques for both to ensure that your dog has a calm, happy life—and that you do too. Typically, dogs whine and circle when they need to go, but will scratch the door if desperate. Have a friend or family member shut the door so you are in the room with him and can correct the scratching.

This way you can physically divert his attention away from you and to the floor by stepping on or taking hold of the leash. He began his writing career after graduating with a Bachelors of Arts degree in music from Salford University. The treat diverts his attention from you to the floor, so you reinforce the action of looking downward, the opposite of what he does when jumping. As soon he gives you 30 seconds of abstinence from scratching, open the door, give him a treat and lavish him with praise.

This teaches him that scratching prolongs his separation from you, while not scratching results in praise, treats and your presence.

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