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I’ve raised 4 guide dog puppies in training, worked with and trained countless other 7 week to 18 month old guide pups, and also fostered more than a dozen young puppies.
The Guggenheim Museum is seeking to discover "the most creative video in the world" in a collaboration with YouTube. Personalized Argyle Dog Collar, Leather PaddedFor a dog that is smart and sophisticated, the personalized Argyle Leather Padded Collar is an ideal choice. You can read an article we’ve written that will show you a technique we have used in the past (that we have had some success with) to confront a neighbor about a barking problem. For more information on dog training techniques and how to deal with problem dog behaviors (like chewing), check out Secrets to Dog Training.
Dogs jumping up on people is a danger for all and at worst at best an embarrassing, annoying custom. Contrary to popular belief, small size doesn't necessarily an apartment dog make — plenty of small dogs are too high-energy and yappy for life in a high-rise. The English Setter originated in France in 1500 by crossing the Spanish Pointer and the French Pointer. Having said this, people often contact me in great perplexity, telling me their dog is eating other animals’ poop, or worse, their very own! How repel tree squirrels digging holes , My neighborhood is saturated with squirrels, and i see the little critters burying nuts or whatever in my back yard all the time. Digging on the carpet before lying down might seem strange to humans, but for dogs it is nothing more than a natural instinct passed down from their predecessors. Dogs did not always have the luxury of sharing space with humans who could provide them with safe and comfortable places to rest. The bottom of a dog’s paws release a unique scent that is enhanced by scratching the ground. Wild dogs would sometimes dig into the ground to enhance comfort by gathering leaves into a pile. If you are concerned about the cost of veterinary care, please read our resources on finding financial help.Dog digging, dogs digging, dog digs, canine digging, digging holes, why dogs dig, 091e9c5e80f3ca66nulldatenulldatenulldatewhy-dogs-dig-what-you-can-doWhy Dogs Dig and What You Can DoSome wild dog relatives, like foxes and wolves, dig dens to raise their young. It’s the complete manual for dog ownership and is designed to fast-track your dog’s learning.

The natural urge to dig allows dogs to tap into their primal side to claim territory, have fun or just get comfortable. Wild dogs would employ digging behaviors to create secure nests where they could safely relax. Digging into the carpet or any other surface that they plan to rest on allows dogs to leave their scent as claim for the territory. Warm temperatures may inspire a dog to dig at the floor in an attempt to find cooler ground.
Dogs that have excess energy or are bored sometimes use digging behaviors to release pent-up energy and have a good time.
While dogs are instinctively inclined to engage in digging behaviors, torn carpets, scratched floors, or unwanted holes in the yard may become a problem for some pet parents. Sleeping in a den protects the young pups from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and from predators. Dogs that dig into the carpet before lying down are simply exercising a primal urge to build a safe sleeping area.
In cooler temperatures, dogs may use digging behaviors to build a warm, cozy den in which to relax. While humans might find it to be a strange source of entertainment, most dogs enjoy engaging in digging behaviors.
Holes are often strategically located in cool or warm areas, such as in the shade, underneath bushes or outdoor furniture.EntertainmentMany dogs love to dig. Dogs who dig for fun usually adopt a playful posture and alternate between digging and running around. If a dog wants to bury something, she digs a hole, places the item in the hole, and then uses her nose to cover the item with dirt. If a dog finds a hole with an animal inside, she may dig relentlessly in an attempt to get to the animal.Other Behavior Problems to Rule OutSeparation-Anxiety DiggingDogs suffering from separation anxiety may dig to get to a family member or to escape from being left alone. For example, terriers were bred to hunt underground prey, such as rabbits and badgers, so they tend to dig a lot. However, any dog of any breed can develop a digging habit under the right (or wrong) conditions.

If you can figure out why your dog digs, you can figure out how to fix or reduce the problem.
Even with a suitable doghouse, some dogs prefer to retreat under a deck and dig a big hole.
Hot dogs like to lie flat on hard, cool surfaces or upside down on soft surfaces, so give your dog access to those.
If possible, keep your dog indoors, in an air-conditioned area-at least during the hottest time of day.If your dog digs in an attempt to keep warm, provide an insulated dog house, give her extra blankets or a differently shaped bed that she can burrow into, move her bed to a cozier, less drafty location, or give her access to an area where she can lie in the warm sun.
It may help to offer a few different kinds of beds so your dog can let you know which one she prefers.
Dogs also seem to like beds that are snug, so that they can burrow down into them and get cozy. This type of digging is the hardest to treat because the action of digging is rewarding in and of itself. Should your dog hop the fence and jump into your planters, the twine is bound to feel unpleasant on her feet. The best way to eliminate this type of digging is to refrain from giving your dog treats, food or chew bones that she will not finish immediately. Alternatively, you can build your dog a digging pit and encourage her to bury items there, instead of in your favorite flower bed. If your dog reacts aggressively when you take something away from her, immediately seek help from a qualified professional.
Please see our article, Finding Professional Help, for information about locating a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) or a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behavior (Dip ACVB) in your area. If your dog digs to pursue small animals like moles, chipmunks and ground squirrels, you can set live traps and humanely remove those animals from your property.

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