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Duke is Cheryl’s personal dog, he was born in August of 2010, and is a purebred Doberman Pinscher. Nakiva has always had a love for dogs and it grew stronger when she had her first dog at age 10.
So, when she and her husband decided to move to Washington, she was excited to bring Take the Lead Dog Training with her and begin helping owners and their dogs here in the Pacific Northwest. Her work with her own personal dogs fostered her interested in becoming a professional dog trainer.
She is only 11 pounds but when she wants to do something she would pull on the leash and lunge toward people, other dogs or anything that took her fancy.
That experience is what sparked her career as a professional dog trainer.In 2011, she became a certified dog trainer after graduating the Master Trainer course at National K9 School for Dog Trainers, in Columbus, OH.

Working with Nakiva, I received lots of one on one and loads of patience and explanations about what was needed. I now have an adorable well behaved dog who is a joy to go out in public with and show off her obedience. After graduation, she was able to implement these new skills by working for a dog training company in Florida.
She had the opportunity to work with several hundred dogs and their owners, gaining the expertise to handle any situation that may arise. I wholeheartedly recommend Nakiva, and Take the Lead, to anyone looking to have a well trained and obedient companion.
After working there for 2 years she was ready to step out and start her own company.Cheryl originally founded Take the Lead Dog Training in Florida. She has accomplished an intensive apprenticeship with Cheryl Ross, and is excited that she gets to fulfill her passion of working with both dogs and their people.

Excited to be the owner of a new company, she set out to do great things, help more owners with their dogs and gain even more experience. She finds immense reward in helping owners build a stronger, more positive relationship with their dog through training.

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