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Hot Dog Collars is the worldwide leader in online pet accessories including dog collars, ID Tags, Licensed Pet gear, and more.
We had a chance to try a couple different kinds of Hot Dog Collars, which I chose one for Maggie and one for Ozzy.
For Maggie, I chose the Personalized Red Hearts Dog Collar, She is my sweet girl and the hearts match her personality perfectly!
I LOVE how bright the color is and again, just like with Maggie’s collar, it is a very heavy duty collar with a strong sturdy clasp. It’s not often we use a leash, since we have plenty of running room in a large yard for them. They had a wide assortment of colors to choose from, but I wanted the red to match both collars The reflectiveness is in the stitches. Their mission of “happy dogs and happy owners” carries on through their new RUFF (Rescue Us For Freedom) program. The personalized dog collar is VERY heavy duty, with a sturdy and heavy quick clasp closure.
What possessed me to order a size medium for these big dogs and their large collars, I have no idea. For dogs that rough house as hard as my pups do, there is a big chance you will lose the tags when using this.

You can even get your name right on your collar and some have what they call artwork ya can put on there too! We also chose a simple solids leash in red, with reflective stitching, that would match either personalized dog collar.
After weeks of wear, the collar still looks bright and new, even after all the wrestling and scuffling with the other dogs!
But, the medium sized clip does not fit easily enough over the D-ring of the large dog collars. They had an awesome variety of cute, sturdy looking dog collars and I couldn’t wait to try them. They reach millions of dog owners every year and expect the impact on the selected organizations to be significant. The quality of this collar is amazing and it is standing up to their chewing and grabbing perfectly! Or, if you are like me and constantly changing out collars, it makes quick work of changing their tags!
Their prices are in line with the run-of-mill plain old collars from the store that are far less quality. But, the way my Lady has been gushin’ over them personalized dog collars, I know I will get to be a Hot Dog soon too!

When you change collars as much as we have too, this simple clip sounded like a great solution to swapping all their dog tags over! I have been in a predicament where a clasp on a leash actually broke and I am very particular about them now!
Our leash is a size large (1″ wide and 5’long), making it perfect for my large dogs! She blames it on their rough housin’ and them cheap-o clasp on the collars from the store. In searching for a new leash to match their collars, I found this Simple Solids leash with reflective stitching. She found a place called Hot Dog Collars that had some personalized dog collars she said looked mighty fine!

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