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But during the subsequent Libya air campaign the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, infuriated the Government by pointing out it would have been cheaper, quicker and more effective to have kept Ark Royal and its Harriers rather than fly missions from Italian air bases.
Though some areas of the base are classified as secret, the rows of aircraft have become a tourist attraction, with bus tours available to those who visit the nearby air and space museum.    When America bought Britain’s  Harriers, Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich, chief of the US Navy’s supply corps, said the deal made sense because many of the British jets had recently undergone a refit – and the US already had pilots who could fly them.

In his first major interview, Ralph Hooper, the aerospace engineer who was the driving force behind the Harrier, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It makes me both sad and angry. Everyone went home on Friday evening believing the Government was going to run down the Tornados and keep  the Harriers.

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