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There are only nine basic obedience commands we teach our puppies in training.  If you want to see a list of all nine commands then check out this post on guide dog training. I’ve been organizing our puppy raiser outings for the past two years and I try to do my best to give our puppies many different experiences similar to ones they may encounter when they become working guide dogs. Getting our puppies out of the house and socialized in these different situations is an essential part of our job as guide dog puppy raisers.

This past Saturday our local guide dog group had a nice little outing at Irvine Park.  It gave our guide dog puppies in training a chance to socialize with different distractions in a park setting. You may have noticed Stetson and some other career changed guide dogs in the panorama picture.  This is one of the few guide dog outings where we are allowed to bring our well-behaved family dogs. Gentle exposure to all kinds of things when they’re young makes every puppy grow up into a happy dog.

But we did miss out on some opportunities that made us have to do extra training with her as an adult.

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