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Gentle Leader Headcollar is the only headcollar design preferred by leading trainers, Veterinarians and behaviorists.
Head collars such as the Halti and the Gentle Leader are designed to fit around the dog’s muzzle. Images: 1 Leash Puller - Want to walk without the Gentle Leader I use a gentle leader on our girl piper when I walk her on our am and pm block walks. The gentle leader we ended up getting has left an odd hair crease across her nose bridge I am forever trying to pet out, and no amount of adjusting seems to take it away.
I need to be able to safely walk my girl without being dragged down the cement and the only way we have found to safely do this is with the 'gentle leader'. Hopefully in time your dog realizes that walking nicely is better than being chocked, or, they will get to the destination faster by not pulling!

Personally, I have not seen any compelling scientific evidence that the Gentle Leader is dangerous. Images: 2 Duchess also doesn't seem to be able to make the transition to the collar. If walking your out of control dog is an exhausting chore now you can enjoy the immediate control with the Gentle Leader HeadCollar.
I would like to once again be able to walk around the block at a spur of the moment with my hubby and kids again with out a neon pink gentle leader strapped around pipers face. Some dogs are truly miserable on it, and it might irritate the under eye area (depending on style of halter and fit).
Using the Gentle Leader we've been able to stop him from lunging or at least being able to control him when he does lunge so he's learning that, that's not the right thing to do.

And Gentle Leader is the number one recommended headcollar endorsed by leading vets, trainers and humane societies world wide. Over two million happy dog and their owners are enjoying stress free walks thanks to Glentle.

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