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Even though Pit Bull Awareness day has been celebrated continuously for a few years now, unless you’re a fan of this special breed, you may not be familiar with this Awareness day. October has become Pit Bull Awareness month, with a specific day set aside for various pittie promotions. National Pit Bull Awareness Day started in 2007 and was the brainchild of a Tennessee pit bull rescue group.
The pit bull was once the darling of America. In the first half of the twentieth century the image of the pit bull was firmly entrenched in American culture. Be a voice for this breed, learn about pitties, sponsor a homeless pittie, foster a pittie, adopt a pittie but most importantly LOVE A PITTIE.

Pit Bull Attack!The rise in popularity of blue pitbulls has been on the rise the past decade with the ever-increasing interest in the dogs themselves.
Fox, Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Biel owns three pit bulls, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have a pit bull named Penny Lane.
The focus is on educating, changing minds and creating positive media attention about pit bulls all across the country. And both RCA Victor and Buster Brown Shoes proudly depict a pittie on their products as their mascot. Big Boi from hip-hop duo Outkast is a registered pit bull breeder.Radio host Ira Glass has a pit bull.

These breeds are usually not included by name in any Breed Specific Legislation (see below), but are sometimes included because of a broad definition and confusion as to what a pit bull actually is.

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