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Earlier this week we wrote about 6 Excel Experts who are on a mission to help the world learn Microsoft Excel. Debra Dalgleish’s Contextures, John Walkenbach’s The Spreadsheet Page, and Daniel Ferry’s Excel Hero are also good guru sites but are more useful to intermediate and advanced users of Excel.
Another no frills options is Excel Central which has video, ebooks, and excel file downloads.
ImproveYourExcel is a clean looking site with over 60 introductory video tutorials for Excel 2010.
What you see is what you get in the Excel Function Dictionary which is a downloadable workbook that acts as a reference dictionary. The Barnard Library site is another EDU site with good tutorial content for Mac for Excel 2011 and Excel 2010 for PC’s.
Exceljet’s keyboard shortcut page is where you can learn Excel like a programmer learns to code. Excel 2010 is the product of a local community organziation, the Goodwill Community Foundation in Durham, NC.
Speaking of iOS, the iTunes Store is a great resource for free Excel related apps and podcasts. Also from the kind folks at Apple, is the iTunes U series which posts free course content from universities across the country, some of which includes Excel content. not only provides free Excel 2013 training online but also has a free iOS app available for download. Howcast’s How to Use Microsoft Excel has solid content on learning the basics in Excel 2010. If you just want to get the basics check out the Learn Excel Functions Youtube Channel which has 62 videos for Excel 2010 and 2013. Many may think forums are a relic of the past but there are plenty that are still active in the world of Microsoft Excel. Another old school way of learning Excel is via the Excel Listserve which has an archive of commentary going back to 1995! For those who want to participate in an Excel community but desire something a little more modern that has better ease of use, try out the Excel Google Group.
If you want to try out a forum but don’t like the wonkiness of the old school forums try out the Excel Google group.

Learn Excel “straight from the horse’s mouth” with the Microsoft Excel Getting Start Guides. However, Microsoft’s Excel 2010 has the most robust guide with video training courses and an Excel Skill Builder series. Learn Excel Online –  Free Online Excel Training Course – Improve Excel Skills! This free online Excel class was created with the goal of helping you learn Microsoft Excel.
Accounting – Useful Excel Adding Sheet I made to assist with ticking, tying, footing, and more during my Public Accounting days.
If you snoop around enough you will realize that Excel Central is actually a paid course and front to sell books by Mike Smart. However, Excel Central is still giving away 32 lessons of content for Excel 2007 and 2010 in PDF and video format. Again if you click around enough you will find there are some Excel videos they are trying to sell. We were first hesitant to include it but it hass own spreadsheets subdomain devoted to Excel with over 1800 separate pages with how-to text and pictures all dedicated to Excel and consistently posts fresh content. Again, the site is a work in progress with whole sections on the using the Excel Ribbon that are under construction.
After some detective work we were able to trace some of the videos to Juan David Suarez Gil’s Youtube Channel where he hosts makeshift Excel Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The site has over 1200 different Excel tips with explicit instructions and desciptive pictures. There is an extensive archive up tips, a tutorial page (for Excel 2007), and an active discussion forum.
Some focus on integration with Excel like CloudOn and others are simply contain video tutorials.
That aside the there are 24 lessons, some with multiple videos and downloadable Excel workbooks to try out what you learn in the videos.
It has 25 Excel experts waiting to answer your questions, including 3 Excel MVP’s and the author of Excel for Dummies. Fortunately, Excel Jet has put together an awesome guide to Excel shortcuts for both PC and Mac.

In these video tutorials I teach how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 specifically, but most of the information is applicable to previous versions as well.
Excel is such an important software application, many organizations have taken it upon themselves to publish free Excel tutorials and how-to guides.
They are the most comprehensive sources of information for beginners to advanced users of Excel. However, Excel Central gives away videos and PDF for the first 7-8 chapters (each of which have atleast 10 learning modules) for the Essential and Expert Skills Courses in Excel 2010 and 2007, which is a fair amount of free content. The best part is that the tips are provided in a downloadable Excel file that allows you learn and apply almost immediately.
In fact, true Excel gurus  are like programmers and seldom use a mouse when navigating their spreadsheets. It has material for beginners through advanced users and covers mostly PC Excel 2010 and 2013.
Free courses on Udemy are designed to be small taste to entice users to upgrade to a paid course, but the advanced course about 9.5 hours of content which is not bad for a freebie. However, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Excel wiki is a head and shoulders above the rest. The following forums have a regular beehive of Excel related activity (in order of thread activity): Mr. Perhaps the time spent reviewing it all may be better spent purchasing online Excel course from an expert who does all the heavy lifting for you and provides you with exercises to apply the knowledge learned. If you are patient and diligent one could easily sift through these sites and cobble together a decent education in the Excel. It’s also worth noting while many of these resources are limited to older versions of Excel, a majority of the content is still applicable especially the fundamentals.

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