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Made with real beef or chicken, these moist and tender pieces can be easily mixed in with your dog’s dry food to give his meal a big boost of mouthwatering meaty flavor.
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With real beef accented with carrots and peas, Beneful® IncrediBites® dog food has crunchy mini bites that are perfect for keeping your small dog happy and healthy! Fill your dog’s bowl with protein-rich nutrition and you’re giving him 100% of the nutrients he needs to help him thrive every day, all in a mix of tender and crunchy minibites for small dogs. Copy and paste the link into your web browser to get a free sample of Purina Dog food by mail! These 100% dehydrated California Carrots help dogs with food digestion and are a great source of fiber for them.

Formulated with 600mg of Glucosamine, over 275mg of Omega fatty acids, Vitamins & Minerals to support your whole dog.

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