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June 24, 2015 by Maxim Although your dog may not be allergic to the ingredients in his dog food I am going to write as if he is and recommend some options you can try. You may find that spending a little more money for a better brand of junk-free dog food will save you money in the long run.
If you are a pet owner do your best to see that what goes into your dog is the best you can afford and that you wouldn’t feed him anything you wouldn’t eat yourself!
If you simply don’t trust the dog foods for dogs with allergies available on the market then you can make your own.
Educate yourself by searching online and reading the ingredient list before you jump in and buy a 50 pound bag!

Fewer vet bills, a healthier and happier dog that you know is getting the best dog food because you care about him.
There are a lot of great recipes for homemade dog food and treats that you can prepare at home. Commercial foods contain a lot of by-products and chemicals and are deemed safe to feed to your dog.
This is one way to ensure that you know exactly what your dog is eating and feel good about it knowing he is healthy. Ask your vet what he thinks-although they do tend to recommend their own products first, so you may be backing yourself into a corner by asking.

Dogs are meat eaters by nature-they weren’t meant to eat corn or wheat or any of the other questionable ingredients in their commercial food. Just remember-there are certain supplements, nutrients and vitamins a dog needs that are in the dog food and you want to be sure he gets what he needs.

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