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While wild pigs of different breeds are found in a variety of geographic regions spanning the globe, the conditions of those locations have many things in common. Preferred HabitatsFeral pigs are non-migratory animals, so they inhabit only those regions with favorable climates. Breed DifferencesWild pigs in North America are descended from boars that were imported generations ago, so while their breeding may be slightly different from that of their distant cousins in Africa and Asia, they seek out similar environments. No Pigs AllowedWild and feral pigs aren't found just anywhere, despite the fact that they could survive in most habitats.
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In the United States, for instance, feral pigs live in the south and southeast of the country as well as on the California coast. For example, wild pigs wallow in the mud as a way of protecting their skin from parasites and the harsh UV rays of the sun. While pigs can tolerate living in colder northern climates -- after all, plenty of pig farms operate in the north -- wild pigs gravitate to warmer areas close to water. For example, in Indiana, wild pigs are a threat to agriculture, livestock, water supplies and wildlife, and their proliferation could cause harm to the local ecosystem.
Pigs don't have many natural predators, and because they reproduce quickly and eat almost anything they can get their snouts around, they are able to adapt to a wide variety of locales.

While wild pigs could naturally survive there with the region's natural resources, it would be detrimental to the rest of the agriculture and wildlife.

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