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Click if you'd like to give permission for future special offers and additional useful information from Mars and associates (we will collect the information you've entered here, store and process it in the US). Everyone is aware that that Irish Wolfhounds are by far the biggest dogs out there and that all dogs’ brains are specialized in the area of smell.  Yet we still have some amazing facts the will blow your mind about our lovely pets. Fact 20: Stray dogs in Russian have figured out how to get around in the subway system in search for for in more populated areas. Fact 17: In the song sung by The Beatles “A day in the life” has a high pitch sound that only canines can hear. Fact 16: A dog named Nesbit, has flown on Delta Airlines accumulating over 1 million airline miles and has his own frequent flyer miles. Fact 14: Sometimes we don’t realize that service dogs that we see are on duty but don’t let them fool you. Fact 13: Tiger Woods had a stutter as a child and would use his pup as way to practice talking and would do it until he fell asleep. Fact 12: Dogs that help the blind only go to the bathroom on command that way their owner can pick it up.
Fact 10: Lord Byron brought a bear to Cambridge Trinity College after finding out that they would not allow him to bring his dog. Fact 9: In the 60’s two dogs in San Francisco, who were strays, became best friends and celebrities. Fact 7: A dog named Naki’o lost all of his legs after suffering from frostbite in Colorado, but that is not stopping him and he now has prosthetic legs to scurry around with.

Fact 6: Did you know that the dog’s nose needs to be wet and in fact it is how they can determine from which direction the smell is coming from. Fact 2: As dog’s walk on the concrete they get an aroma that which is very similar to corn or popcorn.
Fact 1: When drinking dogs use their tongue to cup the water using the back of their tongue. ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap. The Center began operations on 1 January 1991 with just one objective -- to help blind people in Israel to achieve independence and mobility through the use of guide dogs. Guide dogs help those who are blind or have low vision to get around independently, confidently and safely. They were brought to the US after a facebook group raised 21K so that the soldiers could meet them.
Did you know that the spiked collar was originally invented by the Greeks to protect the dogs from attacks by wolves. Our overall success rate in breeding, training and matching dogs places it among the top accredited guide dog schools in the world.Guide dog puppies train for two years and pass many different tests to become a fully qualified guide dog. Dogs DO have better low-light vision than humans because of a special light-reflecting layer behind their retinas 3. A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion the entire 2100 mile Appalachian Trail 4.

If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years! 5. Like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skull which closes with age 7. Franklin Roosevelt spent $15,000 for a destroyer to pick up his Scottie in the Aleutian Islands 11.
The Russians trained dogs during WWII to run suicide missions with mines strapped to their backs 13. Dogs judge objects first by their movement, then by their brightness, and lastly by their shape 59.
Chocolate contains a substance known as theobromine (similar to caffeine) which can kill dogs or at the very least make them violently ill 60. Female wolves have been known to travel great distances to regurgitate full meals for their hungry pups 76. Humans can detect sounds at 20,000 times per second, while dogs can sense frequencies of 30,000 times per second. 80. Bloodhounds are prized their ability to single out and identify a number of scents simultaneously 82.

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