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The Easy Walk harness attaches to the leash in front, rather than in back, and lifts up on the dog's front legs when the dog pulls. Pulling too hard on the leash can also cause strain to the owner's fingers, wrists and arm muscles if the entire walk consists of constant pulling.
However, there are steps you can take to make the walk an enjoyable experience for you and your canine companion. Heartley is a 21 lb Shih Tzu mix who usually walks nicely, but if he sees a cat or a squirrel, pulls with all his strength.
For dogs who constantly drag you down the street and fight with you over control of the leash, there are some great options for making your walk more enjoyable and controlled. The Gentle Leader is a head collar that goes around the back of the dog's head and over the nose, much like a harness on a horse. Dakota was a 40 lb Belgian Tervuren mix who could pull so hard that she once broke the metal clasp on a regular leash in half over her owner's fingers, nearly breaking the fingers too. The Easy Walk harness looks like an ordinary nylon harness with snap clips, but it is specifically designed so that the leash clips to a strap on the dog's chest rather than the middle of the back.

As you proceed on your walk, if your dog pulls hard or even starts to pull the leash tight, come to a dead stop and hold the leash firmly.
One of the biggest challenges in reducing pulling on the leash is when your dog sees a favorite friend, be they human or canine.
The goal of anti-pulling training is to teach your dog that you are the alpha and that you direct the walk. Petsafe will instantly, painlessly and effectively make leash walking more pleasant and safe for you and your dog! A quick-snap buckle is provided on both the shoulder and belly straps to make for easy on and off. When you first pick up the leash and your dog starts barking and jumping with joy, he is already getting excited thinking about all the new smells and sights he will encounter.
Your dog may be progressing well with not pulling on a normal walk, but once he sees his best doggie pal or his favorite neighbor, the leash-monster emerges again full-force. When the dog pulls on a Flexi leash, it gives him more leash, thus inviting him to pull more.

If he refuses, then wait for him to calm down and do not put the leash on until he calms and sits. It is so pleasant to walk her now that I don't fear being yanked into the street at any moment. While she had a lot of pulling power in her neck, the gentle pressure on her nose from the Gentle Leader made her slow down and walk quietly at her foster mom's side. So your Easy walk harness was our answer to walking our new fellow without creating more damage.
It is an important opportunity to bond with your dog and help him learn to be a good canine citizen.

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