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Make walking multiple, powerful dogs easier on your joints and back with a sturdy coupler built to handle strong pulling. The stretch action eliminates the sharp bone-jarring jerks associated with non-flexible leads. Walk 2 dogs with ONE leash!The Sporn Double-Dog™ Leash is the world's first totally adjustable leash for walking two dogs!

It thankfully enables my arms and hands much less shock when my dog spots a rabbit or chipmunk and his hunting instinct kicks in. Our black labs love it and my husband thinks it is the perfect way to walk both dogs together. The free-wheeling swivels in the leash clips reduce twists and tangles, and the Dynamicord stretch-rope construction makes walking a game of stretch-and-rebound.

The leash features a no-tangle design, the patented Adjusti-Buckle™, and a Plush Padded Handle!

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